Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Photo Dump 4/30

This is my shot of the full Pink Moon.  It looked so huge!! but not according to my camera.  Must be some kind of visual hocus pocus going on there.  And it actually was a little pink.

Five pound devil dog looking sweet and innocent in sleep.

Baked chicken fajita mix.  Just onion, garlic, peppers, tomatoes, and chicken breast.  I tossed the whole works with 2 T olive oil, 2 t cumin and chili power, salt and pepper.  Bake at 400 for 30 minutes, or until done.

Fajitas looking good, except for the strange piece of yellow pepper.  Kind of sluggy looking but very tasty.

Can you see it??  That little reddish start??  I was tying the clematis to the trellis when I spotted it.  Last year the Debbie Dodd rose (I've been told it is actually the Debbie Saxon rose) turned up its toenails and died, right in the middle of summer, after about 18 years of blooming its head off.  So I planted a clump of Lucifer and a purple clematis in its place.  This is gonna be crazy gorgeous with the pink rose and the purple clematis spilling all over the red Lucifer.  Now, that is exciting!!

My flowering currant is through blooming so I gave it a gentle prune to keep it from taking over my property.  It blooms on old wood so you have to do any pruning right after blooming.  This is what he looks like now:

One of the hostas coming up.  I hit him with lots of Sluggo.  This guy is huge!! and snails love him.

Astilbes coming up everywhere.  I've got white, pink, and burgundy.  There are five of them and when they are up and blooming, I'm happy.  They like dry shade and get along well with the hostas.

I told my sister that I was "chitting" the seed potatoes this morning when she called.  After I explained what I was doing she informed me that she called it "taking a paring knife to them".  I brought the spuds out from the very back of my closet and cut off any bad pieces.  Then I cut them into chunks, making sure to have an eye on each piece.  Then they went into the cool guest bedroom on newspaper and plastic to "chit" for a day or two before they make their way out to the garden.

This little batch of spuds is gonna grow an incredible amount of wonderful tasting potatoes.  I'm not usually a potato eater but home grown potatoes are totally different from store bought.  It is so much fun to dig around underneath the plants and find the little guys.  They don't need peeling - just a good bath.

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