Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Costco Coupons 4/11 - 5/5/13

Yesterday the Bradster and I headed out to Costco.  He is my designated heavy lifter until my hands recover and he loves to eat lunch at Silver City Brewery.  I had a $10 coupon and coupled with my senior discount we had a fine lunch, complete with beverages, with the bill coming in for the two of us at $19.  The food and service there never disappoints.

It looks like if you want to get in and out of Costco in a jiffy, go early Monday morning.  And parking was a breeze, also.  And no waiting in line.

Before I forget, Miss MaggieMay discovered that Costco carries Jazz apples.  If you are particular about your apples, and both of us are, Jazz apples are for you.  They are everything that an apple should be - crisp, juicy, and sweet.  At QFC they go for $2.99 a pound.  At Costco they are $1.81 a pound and worth every penny.  I can't tell you the times that I have eaten part of other apples and pitched the rest in the compost because they were mushy or just not very good.

So, I cherry-picked through the coupons and came up with some good ones this time.  I've been waiting for a deal on the solar pathway lights and there is a $10 coupon, making the price $39.99 for eight lights.  I'm gonna jump on it next time I'm down there.  Here are the other interesting (in my opinion) coupons:

  • KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer - $50
  • Magic Bullet Deluxe Blender/Mixer System - $10
  • FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System - $30
  • Dyson DC25 Ball Bagless Vacuum - $80
  • 8 Piece Solar Pathway System - $10
  • Kirkland Signature Vitamins - $2
  • Kirkland Signature Aller-tec (generic Zyrtec) - $3
  • Starbucks French Roast Whole Bean - $4.50
  • Kleenex - $3.75
  • Kirkland Signature Laundry Detergent/Pacs - $2.75
  • Kirkland Signature Drawstring Trash Bags - $2.75
  • Cascade - $2
  • Pantene - $2
  • Neutrogena Rainbath - $4
  • Colgate Advanced Whitening Toothpaste - $4
Remember these are the values of the coupons, not the price of the item.  And don't forget if you are in the market for new tires or a new phone, check Costco first.  

My aging Droid was having issues.  The screen would not go dark and was using up the battery in no time.  I dropped by the Verizon booth at Costco, thinking I needed a new phone.  They took it apart and fixed it, rather than sell me a new one.  They are always willing to help and answer questions.  Forget the frustration that is the Verizon store in Silverdale.

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