Monday, February 4, 2013

Shopping LL Bean

Miss MoneyPenny discovered LL Bean back in 1982 after she had been drug, kicking and screaming, from Portland to the Olympic Peninsula by her favorite ex-husband.  I loved Portland and did not want to leave but he did - mainly because the fishing was great.  He gave me the old song and dance about how he wanted to start a new life away from his low-life friends that he had grown up with.  Of course, over time he brought all of them up here and gave them a job.
But, I digress.  Back then the Peninsula was cut off from civilization because the Hood Canal Bridge had blown down and you had to drive a windy, twisty road down the canal to get out of here.  And there was NO SHOPPING!! so I learned about catalog shopping and quickly developed a case of what the hubs called 1-800 madness.
As I waded through the different retailers' catalogs over the years, I noticed that LL Bean had the best quality and service.  Even though a new bridge and new mall were built, I still ordered from them.
Miss MoneyPenny is a jeans-tee shirt-jacket and shorts-tee shirt-hoodie kind of girl, so LL Bean is right up her alley.  They have, hands down, the nicest Ts around - good colors, no cap sleeves, and they don't shrink.  I also really like their fleece jackets and Perfect Fit Slim pant.
And their customer service is at least as good as Nordstrom.  The other day my 10 year old weather station quit working, so I put new batteries in - and, nothing, so I called and asked if they sold replacement senors.  Since it was 10 years old, there were no parts, but they wanted to send me their new and improved model for free!!  Can you believe that?? 
I asked if there was anyone around who could do some troubleshooting as there are lots of reset buttons, etc.  A very nice man came on and spend almost a half hour working with me and this is what we ended up with:

Notice the time is set, also.  I've never been able to figure out how to set the time!!

I don't have the LL Bean credit card but I'm thinking about it, after talking to my friend who has it.  It is a VISA with no annual fee and you get 3% back at LL Bean and 1% everywhere else.  Your rewards points go towards $10 coupons to be used when you shop LL Bean.  And the best part?? free shipping and return shipping so you can order a size above and below your usual size to get the perfect fit!!  Genius!!

Miss MoneyPenny is bestowing the famous MoneyPenny Seal of Approval to LL Bean because they deserve it, if for no other reason than they do not have a phone tree to get through.  Phone trees are deal breakers.  I hate the heck out of them.

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