Thursday, February 7, 2013

And a Word on Tax Prep From Miss SmartyPants

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a tax accountant/Enrolled Agent in the family but I am.  I confess to never having filled out my own tax return, even when I only made $2000.  I think my sister started on her career when she was 16 by working at Ritchie Bookkeeping Service after school and she has done the whole family's taxes, business and personal, ever since.  She has even been known to fire family members because they don't do what she says regarding their tax situation.  So far she hasn't given me the pink slip.  Yet.
A couple of weeks ago, in an earlier post, I suggested keeping a file folder on your desk to hold tax receipts throughout the year.  That would insure that you would be at least halfway to being ready for tax time.  My sister left a comment on that post and I want to make sure that you see it because it might be helpful at this time of year - anything to make tax time easier.

Miss Smarty Tax PantsJanuary 31, 2013 at 12:18 PM
Good ideas on saving the tax receipts! I recommend a big mailing envelope instead of a folder so if the cat jumps up on the desk and knocks everything over, it's safe inside the folder. Remember, that the only things that go into the folder are items needed for preparing your taxes. Don't need the monthly utilities, grocery receipts, etc. In fact, you don't need to put in each prescription receipt either as the drug store will gladly print you one off. Donations that you give during the year need receipts and you can pop those in there also. Generally, churches give you a yearly summary. For information on donations, go to and type in Pub 561, Determining the Value of Donated Property. Be SURE to get a signed receipt and include a list of everything that was donated and the value. The IRS site actually has a lot of information. Don't be afraid to poke around in there. Also, when you are waiting for your refund, you can go to and there is a link to check on the status of your refund. The IRS says they will post this within 48 hours of receiving your return. Be sure to E-File. Easy and secure.

After reading her comment I called up my pharmacy and asked if they could print out my prescription receipts because I have a file folder full of those things.  They said they do it all the time and just pick it up next time I'm there.  Who knew??

Look  what came in the mail today:

Yep.  It definitely is a coupon for $50 off a purchase of $150!!  J Jill is my favorite catalog for nicer clothing other than jeans and Ts and it is very easy to spend $150.  Their quality and service is top notch but they rarely offer free shipping, and certainly not with this coupon.  I'm pretty much still wearing everything that I ever bought from J Jill, including the earrings that I have on my ears right now.  Check your mail.

Bird Feeder Update:

I noticed that one of my new bird feeders seemed to be jammed up and wasn't letting the seed down, so I went out to inspect it.  I was upset to see that there was a big moldy jam up and worried that it would make the birds sick, so took it down and I'm just filling the old ugly feeder until I can get another one.  I had noticed that the drainage holes on the new one would plug up and water would sit after a rain.  Not good.  This feeder would probably be okay under a covered porch but not out in the rain.  Too bad because it is pretty and the birds like it.  It is the red one.  The blue one can't stand the wind so it went down months ago.   Sheesh!!

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  1. Miss Smarty Tax PantsFebruary 12, 2013 at 10:33 AM

    Tax deductions overlooked often:

    1) Interest paid on second home, which includes travel trailers, motor homes, certain boats

    2) Points paid to purchase a home

    3) Real estate taxes on all properties owned by taxpayer

    4) Real estate taxes paid when buying and selling property on closing statements

    5) Exchange student living with taxpayer. Can claim $50 per full calendar month of qualifying expenses.

    6) Medical mileage to doctors, hospitals, refill prescriptions, etc. @ .23 (2012) or .24 (2013) for each mile. If you have had a lot of appointments or specialists out of the area, you would be amazed at how this adds up.

    6) Medical travel for out of town - hotels, ferries, tolls, partking, etc. You can't take food costs as the IRS thinks you have to eat anyway... spoil sports...

    I'll post more tips later... Now, I must get back to work!