Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February - Best Month to Buy...


Those who know Miss MoneyPenny know that she does not get along with the month of February.  It can be sunny and warm one day, and the next, a freezing ass blizzard.  And you really can't count on that groundhog, either.  Besides, he is on the other side of the country where they have very different weather than us. 

But no matter the weather, on President's Day, we need to prune the roses back to a single stick, in my case, anyway.   My sister, who is an expert gardener, told me to go after Don Juan, the rose, on this day and he will be beautiful come summertime.  I will do my best to leave more than my usual stick by remembering to cut out "diseased, damaged and dead" first before I go all crazy and do my own damage.  He doesn't seem to mind what I do to him.  Really!!  He just wants attention like all men.

As far as shopping is concerned, February is National Canned Food month, so look for sales on the canned foods that you use and stock up.  Chinese foods should also be on sale, such as stir fry sauce, soy sauce, water chestnuts, etc.

If you need a new winter coat, now is the time to buy as coats are on deep mark down in order to make way for the new spring stuff.  Also, good time to buy a big screen TV, camera, cell phone, motorcycle, boat, recliner, dental care products, condoms and personal lubricants.  I kid you not on the last one.  The latest Smart Source coupon insert is displaying a $4 coupon for the K-Y Date Nite Bonus Pack, in case you are interested.

February is also $5 Footlong month at Subway.  You and a friend could have a good lunch for just $5.  I love their subs because they make them right in front of you, with all the fresh ingredients that your little heart desires.  And they have earned the famous MoneyPenny Seal of Approval for their efforts.

I want to let you know that I thought long and hard about including boats in the list this month.  I don't want anyone to blame me when their husband goes out and buys a new boat.  As far as I'm concerned, there is no bigger money pit than a boat, not even a race car. 

Most of the time they just sit out in the front yard getting all moldy or sit at the dock racking up moorage fees. They have to be licensed and insured, as does the trailer, and all the lights have to work.  The outboard/inboard motors are always broke down, lots of times out in the water.  It never ends.  Miss MoneyPenny speaks from experience and does not consider a boat to be a good deal, even it your hubs gets it for free.  Just sayin'.

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