Wednesday, February 6, 2013

QFC Grocery Basket 2/6

I was outside digging around in the compost the other day and I happened to notice what looked like life happening in the Swiss Chard patch.  So, today I cleared out all the dead leaves and plants and this is what I got for my trouble.  Who knew that this mess of beautifulness was hiding under all that dead stuff??  As you can see there are three stem colors - white, yellow, and red and I can't wait to eat them.

Cooking is easy peasy.  Rinse the dirt and snails off and slice out the ribs.  Then cut across in wide ribbons and throw them in a pan that has been heating with olive oil.  Salt and pepper and put the lid on, letting the excess water left from rinsing steam them up.  When done, a big pan will cook down to a couple cups, dress them with a little lemon or vinegar, and eat up.  Yum!!  This is almost like a tonic and will take care of what ails you, plus, it is delicious.

Okay.  Valentines Day is on the 14th, as usual, and QFC is running a promotion this week, and I'm assuming next week, because the 14th is on Thursday, that involves buying a card, chocolates, and roses.  You must buy them in one transaction for your valentine and you will receive $5 off.  See the ad for exact details.

The ad is pretty good this week and it includes a cantaloupe, coming from God only knows where, but I'm gonna buy one because I'm jonesing for summertime.  Here are the rest of the highlights:

Franz Bread - 50% off
Florida's Natural Orange Juice - $2.50/59oz
S&W Tomatoes - 50% off 14.5 oz can
Classico Pasta Sauce - 50% off (their pesto is very good)
La Victoria Salsa - 50% off
QFC 18 ct Large Eggs - $1.99
QFC Butter - $2.49/lb
QFC Cottage Cheese - 3/$5 24 oz
Ranger Whole Chicken - $1.59/lb
USDA Choice New York Strip Steak - $5.99/lb
Lobster Tail - $5.99/ea
Fresh Rockfish Fillets - $5.99/lb
Colored Bell Peppers - $1/ea
English Cukes - $1/ea
Delmonte Magnificent Cantaloupe - $2.99/ea
Driscoll's Strawberries - $2/lb (if they smell good, buy them)

As I look at this ad, I'm thinking cottage cheese/fresh fruit salad, steak, baked potatoes, stir fry, roast chicken, cucumber salad and maybe some deviled eggs.  Or scrambled eggs, toast and OJ for dinner.  Lots of possibilities for good and thrifty eating this week.

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