Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Recap 8/27


I was deadheading the dahlias this weekend when the guy from Seattle grabbed these two.  He said they were much too beautiful to go into the compost yet.  They are a little ragged around the edges but they are still show stoppers.  Imagine our surprise the next morning when we noticed a snail headed for the fruit bowl.  It looks like that Sluggo that I bought last year might be losing its oomph.

Between doctor's appointments and a trip to Silverdale, it seemed like we were on the go all weekend.  We stopped off at Target for you know who's nicotine patches, and I happened to notice that they had a deal on Friskies cat food that I couldn't pass up.  Usually the best deal is at Costco for a case of 48 @ $ .47 a can.  I bought Target's last two cases of 32 (DC likes the pate') getting them for $ .36 a can.  It pays to keep your eyes peeled.

This weekend turned into a real food bartering operation.  I potted up some lettuce starts for Mr. SuperGenius and dug him a mess of potatoes, because his aren't quite ready and added a Walla Walla Sweet to the bag.  My neighbor went fishing and gave me a side of salmon.  I dug him some potatoes, pulled an onion, and picked a pound of green beans.  Mr. SuperGenius came back with about five pounds of fabulous blueberries.  I gave him a chunk of salmon.  We were all very happy. 

Also, this weekend - Shane, the cute handyman, cleaned out the gutters and the roof.  I can't believe that it is time to start getting ready for winter.  I had been playing with the idea of a heat pump but just don't feel comfortable spending that kind of money right now.  My sister, Miss SmartyPants, said if it doesn't feel comfortable, then it isn't the thing to do, so I'm not gonna do it at this time.  But I am going to call up Ben's Heating and have them come out and service my furnace.  Having the furnace go t*ts up during a cold snap is no picnic, I'm here to tell you.


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