Thursday, August 9, 2012

QFC Shopping Trip 8/8

Miss MoneyPenny has been in a travelin' frame of mind lately, so I made reservations up at Sol Duc for the annual September trek.  I've been going up there since the early 90s and have only missed a couple of years.  That place speaks to me like no other and refreshes my spirit, getting me ready to face the gray that is winter around here.

Having said all that, there are not many ways to save money when you go to Sol Duc and stay in one of their charming cabins and eat in their fine restaurant.  I start out by putting the whole thing on my American Express card, which gives me 2% back on my yearly rebate.  You can cut your cost by sharing the trip with someone.  The more people to share the cabin, the lower the cost, but then you have to fight for the bathroom.  This year it will be Miss KnowItAll and me.  My sister is turning 60 in September and has decided that she would rather climb mountains for her birthday than lay in the pools at Sol Duc.  I'm still not sure that she is really my sister.

Anyway, we take an ice chest for goodies and beverages that cost a fortune at the little store.  Oh!! last year I got the senior pass that gets me and anybody in the car with me into the park for free, saving the $15 fee.  See my photo with me holding that pass.  It thrills me every time that I notice it in my wallet.  Other than not eating at the lodge and not having a massage, there isn't much of anything else that you could cut to save money, but where is the fun in that??

So, yesterday I went shopping for groceries and spent $22.80 for a 39% savings, after coupons and sales.  I will be going over to Chimacum Corner for produce and that will probably be in the neighborhood of $10 to $15.  It is amazing how much food you have if you make it from scratch and pay attention to what is on hand and eat it before it goes bad.  I've heard that retired people don't spend as much at the grocery store and I can see how this could be the case.  Below is what I picked up yesterday:

Garden Update:

My garden hasn't come on yet, except for potatoes.  It looks like my little experiment with the tomatoes didn't work.  I put them in the front south facing flower bed up against the house thinking that they would get all the heat that they needed.  One plant has ONE!! tomato on it and the other has ONE!! ripe sungold cherry tomato and about 10 green ones.  Normally the sungold has hundreds of the little guys.  I'm not doing that again.  I should have zucchini by next weekend and the green beans are flowering.  My second crop of lettuce is getting ready for thinning and the dahlias are getting ready to bloom.  I'll be sure and snap a picture of them and all their glory.

Cruise Fund Update:

Old Balance = $878.38

                     -   700.00 (deposit on cruise)

New Balance = $178.38

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  1. I AM your sister! I can prove it. Just have anyone call me. They will think they are talking to you! My grandkids always look at me when they are on the phone with you and say "It's weird, we think we are talking to granny, but she's right here". Plus, I have the marks to prove that I'm your sister (leftover from the "discussions" we got into during the formative years we had to share not only a bedroom, but a bed :-)

    OK OK OK... I get it.... I will put my check in the mail for my 1/2. $350 on the way so your cruise fund doesn't look so sad....

    I love the week's worth of bananas on your list. I remember teasing dad about his daily banana, but now I get it. I don't feel right without my daily banana. Now my grandkids can make fun of me too!