Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Full Red Moon


Tomorrow night will host the second full moon in August and it is called the Full Red Moon, which is weird because it will also be a Full Blue Moon.  If there are forest fires about the moon really could be a reddish color, but I would like to see it be blue.  Now that would be cool.  Full Blue Moons aren't really as rare as I thought they were.  They happen about every couple of years, so now all that werewolf business out in Forks is starting to make sense.  They better get ready for a brand new litter out there.

Now you know that Miss MoneyPenny is an avid reader of such things as The Costco Connection, The AAA magazine, and all the grocery flyers, so you won't have to read them.  I do the reading and pick out the important stuff and report back to you.  What I found in the AAA magazine this month is a $30 coupon to be used in October for work done on your car, so go dig it out of your recycle box.  It is on page 36.  The deal is you take your car to a AAA Approved Auto Repair shop and get your work done.  The coupon applies to everything except oil changes.

So, I went up to my local repair shop and asked about this.  Ben of Satch Works said that he isn't a AAA shop, but that he would be happy to honor the coupon.  What a guy!!  You do have to have the coupon, so if you don't belong to AAA you might stop by one of their offices and ask for the Sept/Oct magazine and they would probably be happy to give it to you, hoping that you would sign up.  AAA gets the famous MoneyPenny Seal of Approval, in case you are wondering.

The other deal that I ran across is with LL Bean.  They are offering a $10 gift card for orders $50 and above and I jumped on it.  I don't know how long this is for, but probably through Monday...I'm guessing and they do have free shipping on everything.

This also seems to be when mattresses are on sale.  Who knew that your $2000 mattress didn't last forever??  Anyway, everybody from Sears to Macy's is having a sale on them.  Be sure and try for free delivery and old mattress take away.  When I first moved here, the renters next door threw their old mattress out in the back yard and set fire to it.  Now, that is a nasty stink that you don't soon forget.  That thing smoldered in the rain for about two weeks but if felt more like two years.


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