Thursday, August 2, 2012

Costco Shopping Trip 8/1

Check out this totally perfect rose.  This came from Miss Maggie May who does not garden.  I think that this is actually the only flower growing at her house and it was left by the previous people.  She doesn't do anything to it, except let it grow in the sunshine.  I showed it to "Don Juan" the king of all diseased roses and threatened him with moving him over to MMM's house where he would have to get tough or die.  No more mamby pamby business for him.

Anyway, MMM and I headed to Costco to take advantage of the coupon deals before they expired.  The only thing that I added to my stock pile is the Dove soap, which should last a year.  I don't think that I go through more than 16 bars of soap a year.  Pictured below is what $105.34 got me, including the coupons and tax:

We also dropped by Wal Mart as they seem to be the only retailer carrying MMM's eye drops.  I hung out in the garden center and took a few snaps with my phone.  This very large friendly looking guy came over and asked me if I needed something, eyeing my phone, which I quickly put away.  I was shocked at the waste in that garden center.  I am not exaggerating when I say a good 80% of the plants there were dead or near death from lack of water.  It looks to me like they haul them in and then don't tend to them.  What kind of business is that?  Then they probably just throw them in the dumpster where they will end up squished in the landfill and not even composted. 

Whoa!!  Slow down MoneyPenny before you blow a gasket.  But you get what I'm steamed about and this was the second time we stopped by there with the same thing, so this is their practice.  I thought that plants were living things.  There you go again, MoneyPenny.  Anyway, these dead plants had actual signs on them like some idiot would buy them, like this:

Is this crazy, or what??  Even Home Depot takes better care of their plants and they are less expensive.  Even my local nursery is less expensive than these guys, and the plants are actually alive and healthy.  I'm just reporting this stuff so you will know where not to buy your plants.

I'd better be careful or the Wal Mart family will be putting a hit out on me.  Good thing that I have the pictures to prove what my big mouth is saying.


  1. It makes me so mad when I see all the dying plants at Walmart. Someone took the time to grow and nurture those little things, you know. They do the same thing with their cut flowers -- when they arrive, they put them in water, then they never touch them or tend to them again. The water dries up and they just die. Such a waste!

  2. By this time MMP has been flagged as a malingerer, I'm nearly certain.

    Big Wally is watching you.