Wednesday, August 22, 2012

QFC Grocery Basket 8/22

When I heard that Phyllis Diller died on Monday at the age of 95, I was surprised because I didn't know that she was still around.  I first became familiar with Ms. Diller in the mid 60s when she was on a lot of the variety shows at that time.  She was shocking to say the least.  I'd never seen anything like her and I thought she was great.  That laugh!!  And who could forget her worthless husband, Fang??  She was actually a very lovely lady who got herself up like that to break into a man's world of stand up comedy and she succeeded.

Let's talk grocery shopping.  I just finished a book about couponing and I'm not giving out the title because it really isn't worth going out and buying it, but the author raised a good point.  Her point is that stockpiling is the gateway drug to hoarding and if you need something, it will be on sale very soon.  I don't happen to agree with her.  She lives in a city where there are lots of stores and coupon doubling to go along with all that competition for business and that might work for her.

But Miss MoneyPenny lives in the proverbial sticks and we get what we get and like it with our sales.  And no coupon doubling, that I know of.  You have to be really on top of it around here to keep the old grocery budget under control.  I do agree that the people who do the extreme couponing are skating around the hoarding issue, what with their whole basement set up like a grocery store.  And who on earth really needs 98 bottles of vitamin water??  That is not sane and savvy shopping.  That is something else, again.

I believe that if through coupons and sales you can get your shampoo for $1 or free, stock up.  It doesn't go bad and you always need it.  When these kind of deals come along, I buy as many as I can with however many coupons I have, always picturing in my head how much room I have to store it, which is about six bottles.  Why run out of shampoo and end up paying full price??  Sane and savvy shoppers wouldn't do that, on purpose anyway.

Speaking of shopping, QFC is still running the Buy 10 Get $5 promo.  This is mainly on processed food, but look around the store as there are a lot of items on this promo that aren't in the ad.  Other than that, the ad is a real yawn but we still have to go shopping, so here are the highlights:

Franz Bread - BOGO
Betty Crocker Cake Mix - $ 99 (promo)
General Mills Cereal - $1.99/ea (promo)
S&W Tomatoes - $ .99/14.5oz (promo)
Nancy's Plain Yogurt - $3.99/64 oz
Amy's Entree - $2.99/ea (promo)
Nature Made Vitamins - BOGO
Fresh Wild Coho Salmon Fillets - $8.99/lb
Cucumbers or Green Bells - BOGO
Green Beans - $1.48/lb

Cruise Fund Update:

Old Balance = $179.38

                     +   350.00 (SmartyPants' half of cruise deposit)

                     +     40.94 (ebates check)

New Balance = $570.32

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