Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Recap 8/20

I've never been a Led Zeppelin fan, except for Stairway to Heaven, but you gotta admit that the guy in the first picture looks pretty alright.  Today is Robert Plant's birthday and the second picture is how that old rock and roll worked for him.  I can't believe that Robert is only three months older than me!!  How in the hell did that happen??  Anyway, he has done some things that I actually like lately and have put them on my iPod - now that he isn't doing so much of that screaming anymore.

In my last post I mentioned something called a "transaction coupon."  Well, I sent the guy from Seattle up to the store for salsa and he came back with this one.  This is a "Catalina" coupon that shot out of the machine at checkout and all the coupon blogs are all over it.  This particular one is for Kraft products.  Who knew that my beloved Crystal Light was from Kraft?? 

The deals are listed on the right of the coupon, indicating how many items that you need to buy to get the money.  If you buy any 10 of them, you get $10 bucks, but you don't have to buy 10 to get money.  Example:  Crystal Light goes on sale.  I have three coupons.  I buy three and use the transaction coupon at checkout and get another coupon for $2 off my next shopping trip.  The more you buy up to 10, the more money you get.  Easy peasy.  I hope that I have explained it so that working this deal makes sense.  Give it a try.

I took a few snaps this weekend that I want to share.  The first is what we dug out of the garden.  I had no idea that we could grow onions as big as they have in the store and it was easy.  Seattle guy made a German dish that his third ex-wife (a very lovely lady born in Germany) used to make out of the potatoes, onion and cucumber that was just killer.  Believe it or not, it was spuds and onions fried in butter until very brown and crisp, served with a cucumber salad on top.  I know, I know.  I told him for months that the very thought of it sounded gross, but it is delicious and I want more.

The next ones are my two dahlias in bloom after the drizzly morning:

Here he is after I worked him to death, trying to find room on the kitchen table so he could write:

I've been taking care of  Tina's cat and poodle since Friday and I'm starting to pull my hair out.  The cat is fine, but that poodle has been trying to dig his way home under the fence and Poppy has been very interested in what he has been doing.  This morning I caught him digging again and he was all muddy (he is white) so I gated off the back door so he can't get out.  So now he's mad and going around lifting his leg - but only where there is carpet, of course.  I can't wait until they get Sunday.  Sob.

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