Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend Recap 10/22

Check it out!!  I'm knitting socks on one needle!!  And cashmere!!, to boot.  On Friday I joined Sock Club which meets on the first and third Friday of the month at Port Hadlock Yarns.  It was thrilling to meet other knitters who are all about the sock.  I am a seasoned sock knitter but I sure picked up a lot of new ideas from these ladies.  Everybody was using different techniques and tools but still ending up with a knitted sock.  This needle is actually a 32" lace needle with sharp points, so your knitting goes pretty fast.  I learned this technique from one of the ladies in about two minutes.  You can teach an old dog new tricks, for sure.

This is the last of the beauties on my deck and they are not happy.  I was hoping that you could read the thermometer at 40 degrees but it doesn't show up very clearly.  These Latin lovelies will soon find their way into the compost pile and it will be heartbreaking.

I've been raking leaves like mad.  I usually cover everything with cardboard to keep the weeds from using up my fertile soil over the winter but I've got all these wonderful leaves and I'm putting them to good use.  This is my rhubarb corner:

And my new raised bed:

My plan is to cover the other two beds when I put them to bed for the winter.  I've never had time to rake leaves before and I had no idea that it could be such sweaty work.  It was 40 degrees and I was in a short sleeved t-shirt within minutes.

This is my junk pile.  When I've finished getting everything together in the backyard, my yard guy, Chris, will come over and mow and haul off this eyesore, which is full of blackberries and stuff I don't want in the compost.

Cruise Fund Update:

I'm starting to get worried as I haven't put anything in my fund since September.  I guess you have to spend money in order to get leftover money and I don't seem to be spending that much.

Food Waste Update:

I found this disgusting mess in the far reaches of the crisper.  I didn't know it was there and don't remember buying it, so I suspect that the guy from Seattle did it.  He is in Seattle so is not here to defend himself.  He gets the blame.

Cha Ching:  $1.00

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