Thursday, October 4, 2012

LL Bean Shopping

I mentioned in an earlier post that I had luckily received two $10 gift cards from LL Bean even though I personally only put in one order.  I did however place an order for the guy from Seattle, on his credit card, but at the same time updated my address.  Maybe that is why they sent me another one.  The guy from Seattle got one also.  I'm gonna try and get it from him.

I was wondering if I could use both of them - and I did!!  Last night I ordered a pullover for my son's birthday and used one of the gift cards, getting $10 off.  Today I received an email from LL Bean that I could get 10% off an order until October 8th.  Sweet!!  Maybe I could pair it with the remaining gift card - and I did!!

This is what the deal on the above fleece jacket that I ordered for myself looks like:

Fleece Jacket       =    $49.95

10% off               -         5.00

$10 gift card       -        10.00

Grand total         =      $34.95 (includes frees shipping & no tax)

Heat Pump Update:

I have been manually controlling the thermostat trying to find the right combinations and think I've got it.  So I dug out the manual, which is quite user friendly, and quickly stored my times and temps.  I'll live with this combination for a while and see how I like it.  You can easily override if you need to bump it up or down, but it will return to the schedule at the next cycle.  Easy peasy.  I think...

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