Thursday, October 18, 2012

Electrolux Ergorapido Stick Vac Review


See that green guy up there on his perch??  That is Eddie Vedder, the parakeet.  Not only is he a great singer, but he is also a sex maniac and flinger of his bird seed.  I was going crazy dragging out my old Hoover several times a day to clean up after him.  I've tried many different seeds thinking that he didn't like his but he just likes to fling.  This is what his handiwork looks like:

See what I mean??  I go barefoot and I really hate birdseed embedded in the bottom of my feet.  So, when I noticed that Costco had a $15 coupon for the Electrolux Stick Vac, I was all over it.  That was in July so I decided that I would live with it for a while before I gave my opinion.  And my opinion is that this is the best thing since I discovered pizza!!

Now this is not for deep cleaning or carpets, although I do hit the bedroom carpets with it between deep vacuuming.  Most of my floors are hard surfaces, so this is my new best friend.  You can spiff up your whole house in no time with this guy.  It sits on a charger just like my iPod and I can do the whole house on a charge.  It has that cool roller ball technology so it is really easy to maneuver and if you want to get that tight spot, just push the button and the hand vac comes loose, like this:

Whoever thought of this thing, I love them.  And it is super easy to clean.  It has a brush on the bottom that easily snaps off so I can remove a head of hair from it:

To empty it, just remove the hand vac and take it out to the compost and snap off the holding tank and dump it in.  It also has a washable filter that is easy to clean.

This little number usually retails for $100 but Costco carries it for $80.  I got mine for $65 with the $15 coupon and it was money well spent.  And it comes in several cool colors.  Costco just had a couple but, luckily, one of those colors was purple.  This gets the famous MoneyPenny Seal of Approval, so go ahead and spend the money.

Kitty Cat Update:

DC is doing much better after Dr. Cindy worked her magic on her.   Dr. Cindy even called me this morning to see how she was doing and even offered up her cell phone number.  Now that is what I call great veterinary care!!  Here is a picture of DC's new $368 hair cut:

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