Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Recap 9/24

Miss MoneyPenny is in her "getting ready for winter" mode and yes, it did involve scoring a flu shot for the guy from Seattle and herself.  They don't even hurt any more and I'm the world's biggest baby when it comes to needles.  We got ours unexpectedly at my doctor's office when we were there on Friday for an appointment, so there doesn't seem to be a problem with supply, as in other years.  Now that I think about it, it might have been so easy because of all the gray hair that we are sporting.
We started out the weekend on Thursday by heading out to Sleep Country for a new mattress.  I will share that whole process of buying a mattress that I went through when I get my notes and paperwork sorted.  Soon, I promise.  Then we slipped over to Costco so I could take advantage of the $3 coupon on four containers of Cetaphil Cream.  After the coupon, they were $8.49 each, which is a screaming deal on Cetaphil, especially since it is the 20 ounce size, and should last me the better part of a year, depending on how much I slather on.
On Friday afternoon, we headed out again for Sequim.  Poppy was scheduled for her doggy vaccine and since she had a slight reaction last time, they wanted to give her the vaccine two weeks after her rabies shot.  That poor little girl really suffered afterwards, even with the Benadryl, and it makes me wonder what on earth they put into those things.
Anyway, as we were leaving, I stopped at the counter to pay for Pici's prescription and the nice receptionist had a hard time believing that I had actually pre-paid for Poppy's vaccine two weeks before.  We went round and round and I thought she was pretty aggressive about it.  Now, you know Miss MoneyPenny's method for dealing with misunderstandings like this.  Smile and be nice and have your credit card out and have your paperwork to back you up.  I did not have my paperwork with me but I assured her that I did have it a home.  After she thought about the hassle it would be to reimburse my credit card, she dug a little deeper into the records and found it.  Sheesh!!
Miss MoneyPenny saves all paperwork having to do with major expenditures, and vet bills qualify, carefully stapling the credit card receipt to the top page.  Believe me when I say that this has saved me some very serious money and I had to learn the hard way.
On to the garden.  We pulled all of the potato plants and dug around, hunting for escapees.  Some of them had made it to the dahlias, so we had to be careful not to disturb their roots as they are blooming their little hearts out and make me very happy, as the deck pots are getting that "done" look, except for the begonias, of course.  I picked a big cucumber and it looks like that pot might be "done" also, since it hasn't risen above 70 degrees in at least a week.  We also excavated two Russian Kales that I let grow because they were so beautiful.  They were like small trees, with lots of icky aphids, and I'm not going to grow them again because they were not our favorites.
It looks like I might have one more picking of green beans and I have at least four more zucchinis coming on, but those plants look pretty done for.  There are a few red onions left and the tomatoes are trying to ripen.  The basil gave up the ghost but I did pick a quart of blackberries. 
Before I forget, the Ebates daily double is 123 Inkjets and it is 32%.  I took advantage of this deal the last time it came around and bought enough printer ink to get free shipping.  They post to your account quickly and that really gives it a shot in the arm at 32%.
There is also a coupon in Sunday's insert for Outback Steakhouse that is worth mentioning.  Buy One Dinner Entree, Get One Free (BOGO).  I've used coupons lots of times for meals and it works slick.  I just put it on the table so that the waiter knows I'm going to use a coupon.  They also have a BOGO coupon for lunch on Saturday and Sunday only.  You know, of course, that you tip on the original amount before the coupon.  Miss MoneyPenny used to wait tables and really hated cheapo coupon users.

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