Wednesday, September 5, 2012

QFC Grocery Basket 9/5

Lately Miss MoneyPenny has been feeling like she has the floppsies, kind of like the sedums.  The high energy of summer is just gone around here and it even feels like fall, what with the cold nights and shorter days.  But this is my favorite time of year, especially if the days are warm and sunny as they have been.  Just perfect for getting the chores done early and then flopping into a deck chair with a good book.  But sooner or later somebody is going to have to divide up these beautiful sedums, and that would be me.

This weekend I went out and fought down the iris bed.  I love irises and mine were gorgeous, once upon a time.  They were lovely yellows and blues...until something bad happened to them and their blooms turned this strange brownish color and they lost their scent.  I've been hoping they would turn beautiful again but they didn't, so after three years I ripped them out.

Miss KnowItAll is in the habit of picking up plants here and there, planning to do something with them, but doesn't, and then brings them over to my house.  Pictured below is the latest and the cause of me finally going after the irises.  She said it was called "blue bells" but I have a sneaking suspicion that it might be from that huge family of "heucheras" which I'm quite fond of.

I have a mounding, what I think is a campanula that was in the best spot for this plant, so I moved it, in hopes that it will mound away its little heart out in the iris spot.  This is what it looks like after I moved it and with the sprinkler on it:

If anyone knows what these plants really are, please let me know as I'm not very good with plant names and their families.

Now, with that out of the way, let's go shopping.  QFC has a pretty decent ad again this week and they are still running the Buy 10/Get $5 promotion.  Here are what I think are the deals, being food that you can actually eat and be healthy on:

Franz Bread - $1.99/ea (promo)
QFC Milk or Orange Juice - 3/$5 half gal
Silk PureAlmond Milk - $2.99/half gal
Pace Salsa - $1.49/16oz (promo price)
Challenge Butter - $1.99/lb (promo - freezes well)
Coffee Mate Creamer - $2.59/32 oz (promo - I'm not saying it is healthy, only addictive)
Daisy Sour Cream - $1.49/16 oz (promo)
Fage Yogurt - $1/5.3 oz
Nature Made Vitamins - BOGO
New York Strip Steak - $5.99/lb
Hormel Natural Choice Lunch Meat - $2.99/8 oz (promo)
Wild Fresh Coho Salmon Fillets - $7.99/lb
Fresh Rockfish Fillets - $5.99/lb
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese - $ .75/ea (promo - think food bank)
Hass Avocados - $ .99/ea
NW Peaches & Nectarines - $ .99/lb
Raspberries - $1.99/6 oz
Strawberries - $1.99/lb
Local Sweet Corn - $ .44/ea

The annual Sol Duc trip is coming up next week so I need to dig out my blue flowered swimming suit and clean out the ice chest.  It really doesn't pay to take an expensive suit up there because they get ruined.  The concrete seats in the pool are rough so that you don't slide, but they can really take out the bottom of your suit.  I have experienced this.


  1. Hello MissMoneyPenny,

    I found out that the plant is called Brunnera Macrophylla 'Jack Frost' and the flowers look like Forget-Me-Nots. I thought it was in the same family as Forget-Me-Not, but apparently it's not.
    It was chosen 2012 Plant of the Year by the Perennial Plant Assoc. They say this plant is low-maintenance, shade-loving and has tiny blue blossoms that are good in arrangements.
    I'm starting a garden of Violets. I hope it works. (I was sprinkling some Sluggo around them and the top popped off. Not very easy to pick up and re-distribute those little pellets.) I have 3 types of Violet plants, and seeds for white ones too.

  2. Thanks for your nice comment and setting me straight on Jack Frost. I was checking him out this morning to see how he was weathering the move and you are totally correct on his lineage. He looks much better now than in the picture. Re the Sluggo: that top popping off thing has happened to me, also!!