Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Recap 9/10

The guy from Seattle snapped this very charming picture of the garden late in the afternoon as the sun was shining through the zucchinis in a Thomas Kinkaide kind of way.  The old green lawn chair in the left corner has been the perfect place for a pot of cucumbers.  They are hanging all over the place.  These cucumbers have been very sweet and tasty but quite prickly on the outside.  This is my first success with cucumbers, so as far as I know, they are all prickly.
Speaking of the guy from Seattle, I traumatized him by taking him up to Sequim with three dogs and a cat for their annual wellness exam.  If you take all your critters you get what they call a "litter" rate, so I was all over it.  None of my babies enjoy going to the vet so there was a lot of peeing, howling, hair loss and big time panting going on.  Somehow we survived it and headed for the coffee stand for a cool one when we were done.
You might remember that I asked if anyone knew what the plant that I got from Miss KnowItAll is.  I received a very nice comment telling me that it is Brunnera Macrophylla aka "Jack Frost" and it was the 2012 Perennial Plant Association plant of the year.  I checked it out and that is correct and am thrilled to have this little beauty.  It also looks like I've got him in the right spot, even though I had to move everybody else around to accommodate him.  He has weathered the move quite nicely and has really perked up and is looking very handsome.
Before I forget, the Smart Source insert has a $5 coupon for Revlon foundation, blusher, powder and concealer.  I use the foundation and will be watching the ads for a sale to pair it up with.  Revlon goes on sale at Target and Rite Aid often.  Actually, I just now looked at the Rite Aid ad and they have Revlon on for Buy One Get Second 50% Off, so that could be a possibility.  The coupon is good until October 14, so you have some time to look around for the best deal.
On to the garden.  I picked the last of my blueberries today and will really miss them.  I only have two of my original five bushes left after the Boston Terrorizer went on a frenzy when I first rescued her and took out three of them.  She was pretty wild and crazy until she figured out that she had hit dog heaven on earth.  She then set out to be the boss of the house.  Anyway, my original plan for the blueberries was to have early, mid and late bearing bushes, and it was working out.  I think what I have left is more of the mid bearing kind, as she also chewed up their little tags that I was so careful to keep, so I'm not really sure. 
So this is what we harvested this weekend:
1 cup blueberries
1 quart blackberries
Large handful Sungolds
2 pounds green beans
2 pounds potatoes
1 onion
4 zucchinis
3 cucumbers
1 itty bitty red hot pepper
This is National TV Dinner Day so take advantage of it.  When I was a kid we just loved the fried chicken one with the strange mashed potatoes and weird, very sweet desert thingy.  We rarely got the dinners but my mom was real big on the cheapo chicken pot pies with just the top crust.  Blech!!
Cruise Fund Update:
Old Balance = $570.32
                     +     10.99 (Amazon sale)
New Balance = $581.31

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