Thursday, September 13, 2012

Costco Coupons 9/13 - 10/7

According to my Google homepage, "undulate" is the word of the day and that is what I'm gonna be doing this weekend up at Sol Duc.  I've never in my life heard of this word, but undulate means to move in waves.  Who knew??  Anyway, Miss KnowItAll and I are heading out at 11 tomorrow morning and I'm almost ready.

The reason that I'm showing you more pictures of my begonias is that it has been hitting in the 30s in the early morning here, and you know what that means.  Black and slimy begonias, and it is just plain heartbreaking.  I love these gaudy whorehouse red, and this from the guy from Seattle, gay bathhouse lavender, hanging, over the top beauties.

This next one is the little orphan that I found growing in the compost.  It must have been warm enough down there for it:

I tried to take a picture of the new type of begonia that I tried this year.  It is much less flashy but works great with the rest of the bunch, with the little pointed leaves and dainty flowers.  You can see it poking up in the top of the first pix:

I know this is going to come as a shock, but I don't seem to be on the Costco mailing list yet.  What do I gotta do??  I booked a cruise.  Isn't that enough??  Luckily, Miss KnowItAll gave me hers.  What I'm excited about with this bunch of coupons is the $3 off of Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream.  If you are a fan, and I am, jump on it and buy the limit of four because this coupon seems to only come around once a year.  It is the 20 ounce Costco size instead of the usual 16 ounces, so it is a deal and I think that it may have been the first product to get the famous MoneyPenny Seal of Approval.  Here are the highlights:

Palmolive Dish Soap - $2/limit 2
Kirkland Cooking Spray - $1.75/limit 1
President Feta Cheese - $2/limit 4
Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream - $3/limit 4
Goodyear Wiper Blades - BOGO
Advil & Advil PM - $3/limit 5
Aleve - $3/limit 1
Michelin Tires - $70 off set of 4 (think winter driving)
Starbucks French Roast Coffee - $5/limit 5
Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner - $2/limit 2
Vicks Nyquil - $4/limit 6 (cold season coming up)
Kirkland Signature Diapers - $5/limit 2 (grandbaby coming soon)

Seahawk season is here and I'm thinking of trading in my big old two hundred pound TV for a flat screen.  We measured and it looks like a 42 incher will fit nicely in the entertainment center.  It would be nice to actually be able to see the score from the couch, so will be checking them out when we are at Costco.

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