Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Grocery Basket 3/28

Miss MoneyPenny was pleased when the new QFC ad came out and there is actually a sale going on.  I'm almost out of Tide and was going to have to fall back on Costco, but since it is on sale and I have five coupons and there is a promotion, I'll stock up.  Likewise with the Starbucks coffee and Colgate.  With the coupon for .75, the toothpaste will be a quarter.  Not free, but pretty darn close.

Here are the interesting offerings this week:

Starbucks coffee - $7.99/12 oz ($1.50 coupon S/3/25)
Tide - $4.99 when you buy 4 ($1 coupon S/3/11)
Kroger Greek yogurt - 10/$5
QFC cottage cheese or sour cream - $1/16oz
Tillamook medium cheddar - $4.99/2lb
Tillamook butter - 2/$5
Fresh wild caught rockfish - $5.99/lb
Driscoll's strawberries - $2.50/lb
Jazz apples - $1/lb
Seedless grapes - $1.28/lb
Whole or cored pineapple - $1.99 (I always get the cored so I don't amputate a thumb trying to peel that thing)
Colgate toothpaste - $1/ea (.75 coupon S/3/25)
Hot Wheels cars - .69/ea (what? little boys love these)

Regarding the cored pineapple - I was picking out a big old leafy pineapple one day when the produce guy said that he didn't understand why people didn't buy the cored as all the work was done for us and it was the same price.  I said that we want fresh.  He said it is the same pineapple as on display.  Okay.  So now that is what I buy.  I'm no fool.

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