Sunday, March 25, 2012

Grocery Basket 3/25

Since QFC isn't running a decent ad this week, Miss MoneyPenny decided to concentrate on the food bank.  They had tuna, pasta and pasta sauce for a good price to I bought five cans of tuna and two each of the pasta and pasta sauce.  The guy from Seattle pitched in five cans of good chili.  I was happy to see that the bin was already half full with other food donations.

Here is what I thought was of interest this week:

Chicken of the Sea tuna - .69/ea
Ragu pasta sauce/Kroger pasta - $1.00/ea
Kroger cheese - $2.99/lb
Nature's Way supplements - 40% off
Spice Island spices - 33% off
Certified Angus New York steak - $5.88/lb
Wild caught fresh Dover sole - $4.99/lb

There were no coupons available.  I checked.

We stopped off at Trader Joe's on our way to my son's BBQ on Saturday for a few things.  They really do have some good prices and if you are down in SilverTown, it is worth a stop by.  For instance, we like crumbled blue cheese on salads and vegetables (I got this from the guy from Seattle - much better than that creamy greasy blue cheese dressing in the jar.  Who knew?) - anyway, at TJs you get twice as much for half the cost at QFC.  And their organic coconut oil is also half the price.  Lots of good deals there.

We were pleasantly surprised when were told that the burgers for the BBQ were from Shorts Farm in Chimacum.  My son went to school with these guys and is now buying all of his meat from them.  I don't know what is going on with my kids, but they are also putting in a big veggie garden for the first time this year.  I'm thrilled with all of this!!  I'm pretty sure that they are serious about this because they have the posts planted in concrete for the deer fence.  They should just get schnauzers.  I've yet to see a deer in my backyard.

Food waste update:

What is it?  Nasty bitter cabbage that ruined my salad.  Not my fault.  The white bowl is some salsa that blew the lid off and the blue jar is Mexican Duck sauce.

Cha ching:  $3:00

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