Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Full Worm Moon

Miss MoneyPenny will probably do most of her shopping at Chimacum Corners this week as the QFC ad is pretty weak, but there are a few items of interest, and here they are:

Starbucks coffee - $6.99/12 oz ($1.50 coupon over at
Fage Greek yogurt - $1.25/ea
QFC butter - $2.50/lb
Fresh Dover Sole fillets - $4.99/lb
Red or Green grapes - $1.28/lb
Whole or cored pineapple - $2.99/ea

Heather over at has started "Deals to Meals" to show how she makes menus using items on sale.  I think that this is a splendid idea, especially for young families such as hers.  Since it is only me and the guy from Seattle (when he shows up) meal planning is less structured.  I wait until he shows up on Friday and then we sit down and discuss what we want to eat for the weekend based on the sales, what is in the freezer, or what he has brought over.  For us, this works out pretty good.

Tomorrow is the Full Worm moon and I could not pass up a chance to show a snap of my little red wigglers.  Compost worms are different than your night crawlers - although I used to send the leftover crawlers from my favorite ex-husbands fishing trips on a freedom ride out to the compost, so maybe they are great great great, etc. grandchildren.  Who knows about worm genealogy, anyway?

These little wigglers work really hard and I try to give them lots of love.  Speaking of love, it seems that egg shells really turn these guys on and make them want to reproduce, which is a good thing in my opinion.  Have I mentioned that I throw full vacuum cleaner bags in and never see them again?  Amazing.

I also threw in a pix of the world's cutest dog, also known as the "five pound devil dog".

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