Friday, March 16, 2012

Corned Beef, Anyone?

So, tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and that is an important day for all of us that have a touch of the Irish in our genes.  Miss MoneyPenny has some Irish and her relatives were probably referred to as the McMoneyPenny clan back in the old country.

St. Patrick's Day can be a good excuse to get really inebriated.  Back in the 70s when I was waiting tables in Portland, this was a big day for us.  You could get any Irish sounding drink for a dollar a shot and I am here to tell you that you can only get throwing up sick on Bailey's Irish Cream and not drunk.  Just giving you information that might come in handy tomorrow.

Anyway, Corned Beef  and Cabbage is the traditional dish for this holiday.  The way I learned it was you boiled your brisket for a long time and then threw in the cabbage and spuds an hour before serving.  This usually worked pretty well, but several years ago, I was having a big party and decided that I should go to the local butcher shop and order a special Corned Beef.  I followed all of the butcher's (he isn't there anymore, don't get me started on his prime rib) directions carefully and served the most god awful salty piece of meat ever.  Nobody could eat it, including the cabbage or the spuds.  Good thing we had lots of beer.

Now, you are going to think that this is totally weird, but the best way that I have found to cook Corned Beef is in a cooking bag.  Shock and awe!!  But it makes a perfect piece of meat and the cabbage and potatoes are delicious.  Just add them later.  And the best thing of all?  Hardly any cleanup!!  Just throw the bag in the garbage. 

Don't forget the horseradish sauce.  Easy peasy.  Just mix plain horseradish with sour cream to taste.  The stuff in the jar is not near as good.

Hint:  Bailey's is really best in an after dinner coffee drink or if you are truly Irish, in your morning coffee.

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