Monday, March 12, 2012

North To Alaska

Johnny Horton made that song a hit back in 1960 and little Miss MoneyPenny really liked it.  In fact, as you know, Miss MoneyPenny is planning a cruise up that way next summer with sister SmartyPants.  Where is she going with this, you ask?

I'm using "found money" to pay for this trip!!  Shocking idea, don't you agree?  It came to me that I was neglecting some good sources.  How about this?  Every time I get a Senior Discount, I put the equivalent that I saved into the Cruise Fund.  Genius on board!!

So, like last Saturday, the guy from Seattle and I went to the matinee at The Rose and took advantage of the senior discount, saving $1 off each ticket.  Even though he paid, I'm still putting $1 in the fund.

I'm not done yet.  How about those loyalty cards that we get from our favorite coffee place?  You buy 10 and get one free.  Same with the pizza place.  These things add up pretty fast for me, so instead of just feeling smug when I get the free one, I'll stick the money that I would have spent anyway in the fund.  And let us not forget change, which I never spend anyway.

Below is a snap of my loyalty cards.  I even have a yarn card from Churchmouse Yarns.  That might be over the top, now that I think of it.  I will keep you posted on how my fund is progressing.  At this moment I have $33.24 in it.

Food waste update:

Ewww!!  What is it?  Canned pumpkin with mold on it and a shrivelled sweet potato that got lost.

Cha ching: $2

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