Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Now, in case you did not know, Miss MoneyPenny is a fan of Suze Orman, but not for the reasons you might think.  She was a waitress for years and I can totally relate because I spent a good part of my 20s in that very occupation.  You really learn it all waiting tables.  Some of the money-smartest ladies I know did waitress work.  I'm not talking hash slinging here, but high end restaurants, of course.

So I listen to what Suze has to say.  A lot of her advice is for people with lots of money, but lately she is addressing the concerns of the rest of us.  I really like her advice to fund your retirement first and then help your child with college or, for crying out loud, teach him how to work and save money so he can pay for it.

I'm still not willing to put money anywhere near a stock market (Miss MoneyPenny lost $2000 overnight in the Enron debacle and has never forgotten it) but I really believe in saving as much as you can by careful spending.  My dear old mother would be shocked to hear me say that saving money is sometimes more fun than spending it.  She used to say that I could stretch a dollar until it squeaked but couldn't save a dime and she was right...back then.

What I'm getting around to here is I heard Suze say something the other night that I can't quit thinking about, so I'm gonna share.  She said that the stock market and the economy are not the same thing.  Did you know that?  I'm not sure that I did.  The nice people on the news are telling us that since the stock market is going up, the economy must be improving.  I looked around and thought maybe I don't understand anything about economics because things sure don't look like they are improving.

Since I am now a little more clear on what is really going on, I am going to continue to be very careful with my money so it will carry me through retirement and did I say vet bills?  Suzette's dental surgery cost me $1100 last week!!  I had to sit down when they presented me with the bill.  And this is her third dental surgery.  How many teeth can she have left?  And I brush her teeth.  If there is a next time, I'm going to suggest doggy dentures for her.  Sheesh!!

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