Sunday, August 31, 2014

Photo Dump 8/31

If I didn't have a calendar I would know that fall is on the way by the Sedums turning pink.  Even though my big maple hasn't turned its brilliant fall red it is starting to lose a few leaves and the blackberries are starting to peter out.  I love the fall with its crisp nights (so a person can sleep, for crying out loud!!) and warm hazy days.  Miss MoneyPenny considers it to be fall from September 1st through Halloween.  You can't count on November so it gets to be winter.

I'm always taking pictures and I'm gonna share.  Having a garden is a wonderful thing because you just go out and pick what you are going to eat that day.  Here are some of my good eats:

I have two blueberry bushes - one that produces early in summer and this one which still has a couple pickings left.  They don't taste like store berries.

I have three tomato plants this year.  One is a Sungold and one WAS a Roma but it produced about a dozen tomatoes and then curled up its toes and died.  I also have a big sprawly volunteer cherry tomato that has taken over half of bed #3.  I think it went back to its roots during the winter and came back all wild and crazy but the tomatoes are delicious.

I didn't pay attention and Nasturtiums took over the bean patch but what I am able to find are worth the hunt.

My strawberries are coming on again and I'm thrilled because the blackberries are almost done.  I love fresh fruit on my Special K and get tired of bananas during the winter.

This is my second batch of pesto, having eaten the first.  I found these cute Ball half pints at Don's Pharmacy where you can find anything including a lunch bar with homemade soup.

And speaking of taking over...this must be the year for it.  Check out these crazy petunias taking over the geranium pot.  I've never had such good luck with petunias.  Usually by now they have gotten all sticky and died.

My front porch pot in the morning sun.  It looks like I was on a real pink roll this year.  I wish I knew what those pink flowers are in the front.  Could they be Bacopas??

Every year I buy a scented geranium.  This is rose scented and I love the delicate pink flowers that bloom all summer.  The pot looked lonely so I stuck a Creeping Charlie and a white Bacopa in.  This is my ice tea table but as you can see I now have to put it down on the deck because there is no room.

I was talking to Steve the other day about our pets and their habits.  We decided that we are retired so what else do we have to do but indulge them.  This is DC who insists on going and coming out the front door even though the back one is open almost all summer. And she won't quit screaming and scratching the door but in the evening when I bring her in for the last time because I don't want her chewed up by bobcats I have to put a baby gate across the back door or she will sneak out.  Go figure.

Taking her morning nap in the sun.

This is my pretty great-niece, Miss RyaLaine.  I haven't set eyes on her in a long time.  I think it is time before she is taller than me.

This is Suzy my 12 year old schnauzer.  She is a seriously sweet dog but with a bark like a German Shepherd, or, as a boarding lady said - she has a pair of lungs on her.  She just cost me $1300 in vet bills but she is totally worth it.  What are credit cards for anyway??

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  1. Is DC really sleeping in Poppy's pink flying bed?
    Nice pictures! Rya is lovely - wow - and almost grown up!