Monday, August 25, 2014

Miss MoneyPenny Braids Garlic

Miss MoneyPenny mentioned in an earlier post that she wanted to braid her garlic harvest.  And everyone who knows her knows that she can't braid hair worth shit a darn.  It would help if the braid was in front so I could see it.  This is when YouTube helped me out.  What did we do before YouTube??  Anyway it looked like something I could do and it turned out to be pretty simple.

This is my garlic after harvesting and it came from a four foot row.  I'm not a big garlic lover but I do like to cook with it.  I laid it out on cardboard in the carport for a couple of weeks.  Every so often I would go out and give it all a turn.

What you need is a piece of twine (about two feet) and a long twisty tie.  My bread ties were short so I put them together and twisted the ends.

I trimmed off the hairy roots.

This shot doesn't really show it very well but what you want to do is start with three garlics - a large one in the center - and tie them tightly with the twisty ties.  Then as you add in a new garlic (with the stem in the center) you start braiding every time you add in a new garlic.  Just like hair.

When you run out of hair take your twine and tie it tightly making a double loop in the back to hang it from.  Of course I had to cut another piece of twine because I accidentally braided my first one in but I think the braid turned out pretty good.  We do want rustic, don't we??

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