Friday, August 8, 2014

Costco Coupons 8/7/14 - 8/31/14

Check out all this garlic.  Steve loves, loves garlic, so he grows a lot of it.  After he harvests it he hangs it from the rafters in his garage.  When he needs some garlic, which is all the time with him, he just goes out to the garage and there it is.

I don't have a garage and the garden shed won't work so I've been looking into braiding my garlic.  I know everybody says it is easy but I can't even braid my own hair, so it might be a challenge.

Okay, let's look at the coupons.  You know, of course, that if you really want to stretch your bucks shop at Costco using the coupons.  I buy almost all non-food items there, including pet food.  I rarely buy the produce because I can't get through it by myself before it goes bad and I hate to throw out food. I always shop with a list because if I don't I can easily blow a couple hundred bucks.  No problem.

I've noticed that some items go on coupon quite regularly, while others just a couple times a year.  Usually you can depend on some kind of laundry detergent having a coupon.  If you use Tide - now is the time to buy, even if you still have some left at home because you will be paying the least for it.  You can't count on it being on coupon when you need it and maybe don't want to try a different detergent.  So think ahead.

Here are the highlights:

Starbucks House Blend K-Cup Portion Packs - $5
Huggies Snug & Dry Plus Diapers - $6
Best Foods Mayonnaise - $2
Tide Liquid - $3.50
Tide Advanced Power Liquid - $4.50
Tide Powder - $6
Bounce Dryer Sheets - $2
Resolve Spray 'n Wash - $2.50
Charmin Bath Tissue - $4.20
Pine Sol - $2.50
Ziploc Freezer Bags - $2.30
Finish Powerball Tabs - BOGO
Dove Beauty Bars - $3.25
Ziploc Space Bags - $5
Brita 10-Cup Monterey Pitcher or Filters - $6

Now we got trouble.  Miss AslynGrace has discovered how to see what is going on out of her reach.  Is she cute?? or what.  And smart.

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