Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hot Summer Day & Pesto

Miss MoneyPenny hates to sweat.  It is very unladylike but if you want to get anything done in this kind of heat you have to sweat.  That's all there is to it.  If I get too hot I take a quick stroll through the sprinkler and that works for a while.  It is shocking how fast you dry off.

My greenhouse basil needed a haircut and my in-the-ground basil was too leggy, so I took the shears to them.  By the way, even in this hot summer, the greenhouse basil has far outgrown the dirt ones.

Anyway I filled up my food processor to the top and then packed it in with basil.  Then I grated five cloves of garlic over the top, threw in a handful of almonds and Parmesan cheese, and a good squirt of fresh lemon, and let it rip.  Then I drizzled in some olive oil until it was my idea of pesto consistency.  Easy peasy.

This is what I ended up with - two fabulous half pints of green amazingness.  I'm taking one of them over to Steve's tomorrow.  He said he will have the pasta on the boil by the time I get there and we are going to pig out.  Once you start making your own pesto, you will never go back to store bought.  And this stuff freezes beautifully.

My first picking of green beans.  I also dug up a garlic to see what it was doing.  I've never grown garlic before so did not know what to expect.  I was surprised that the head was bigger than the one from the store.  You might remember that this is from the garlic brought back from Italy by a friend of a friend in my knitting group.

The Boston Terror is hot but she insists on being in her deck chair.

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