Wednesday, October 9, 2013

QFC Grocery Basket 10/9

Yesterday Miss MaggieMay and I went to see the new Ron Howard movie Rush and it was really just that - an exciting rush.  This is the real life story of the competition of two Formula One drivers back in the 70s.  If you love racing, and I do, and even if you don't, Ron Howard does a wonderful job getting to the real core of the sport.  These guys are just plain and simple crazy thrill seekers.  My favorite ex-husband did some stock car racing in the 90s so I know of what I speak.

Before the movie, we stopped at one of our favorite places to eat, Snug Harbor Café in Port Ludlow.  Now you know that Miss MoneyPenny really hates to put down her hard cold cash for restaurant food that isn't better than what she can do at home, so Snug Harbor is a welcome addition to dining out. 

This is cafe food done carefully and with pride.  All of the bread products are homemade and totally delicious including the hamburger buns and their fries are amazing.  There is a daily special and homemade soup all served up by a really good waitress.  Snug Harbor serves breakfast (very good), lunch, and dinner, and in good weather you can sit out on the deck.

I did not need to eat dinner after this most perfect of cheeseburgers.  The meat is fresh organic grassfed beef and is hand shaped for each order.  I always wonder about those frozen hockey pucks that most restaurants serve up.

Okay - let's look at the QFC ad and see if we can find some real food for a good price, always looking for on sale and in season.

Orowheat Bread - $2.50/loaf
Tully's Coffee - $6.99/12oz
Kroger Cottage Cheese - $1.99/24oz (I put CC in my smoothies for protein)
Simple Truth Cage Free Eggs - $2.50/doz
Tillamook Butter - $2/pound
Pork Shoulder Roast - $1.79/lb
USDA Chuck Roast - 50% off
Fresh Rockfish - $5.99/lb
Asparagus - $1.99/lb
Broccoli/Cauliflower - $ .99/lb
Cucumbers/Green Bell Peppers - $ .68/ea
Honeycrisp Apples - $2.99/lb
Mayan Sweet Onions - $ .99/lb
Organic Fuji/Gala Apples - $1.99/lb
Tomatoes on the Vine - $ .99/lb


Time for your flu shot.  I got mine yesterday while I was at my doctor's office but they are available everywhere this year.  Getting the flu is a rotten waste of time and money.  The last time I got the flu I worried that I was gonna die but every since I started getting the shot I've been flu free.  Knock on wood.


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