Monday, September 30, 2013

Photo Dump 9/30

Miss AsylnGrace had a big blowout for her first birthday complete with tutu and tiara as befitting a princess.

Who needs presents when we have this fabulous bag??

Let there be cake!!

Things started to go down hill as the party progressed.  Daddy Kevin is sporting one of her necklaces and her tiara while his buddy, for some reason, is wearing the tutu for a ruff.

With pretty Mommy.

Mommy posted this on FB after the party.  I can just imagine that she was plum wore out after putting together such a great party, complete with lots of little ankle biters attending.

Beautiful people!!  My daughter-in-law, Miss PeggyRae, and grandson Eli.

DC irritably waiting for comfort food after her annual exam and shot.

Poppy, catching some late September rays.

Suzy not only has a big set of lungs (she barks like a German shepherd), she also has some awesome ears.

My beautiful old girl, Pici, complete with jeweled collar.

The garden looking forlorn in late September.  I should have closed the door on the garden shed before I snapped this...and, yes, I just throw things in there because there are several wasp nests in the rafters.

The red maple starting to turn red, with the strawberry and raspberry beds.

The begonias are always the last to go because they are close to the house.  The deck is now in complete shade.

The last of the green beans before I pulled up the crappy looking vines.  The only thing left to eat in the garden is lettuce and onions.

Probably the last of the berries.  I had to look hard to even find these.

Sill life from QFC, in season and on sale, now that the garden is not producing.

My son, the plumber, started working at Enclume the summer before he was 16.  I thought it would be a part time summer job but he kept that job until he started plumbing in his 20s.  This was supposed to be a plant stand but I use it to store my cooking stuff and my apron.  I've also got a cookbook stand and dinner bell hanging there. 

The barometer was really falling yesterday afternoon during the storm.  Very unusual weather for September, which is usually our beautiful month.

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  1. Great birthday pictures! Happy first birthday to your beautiful great granddaughter. What a cutie pie!

    DC has an attitude, you think?
    Poppy is giving you the stink eye...
    Suzette looks like she is about to fly!
    Pici - regal as always...

    The garden is beautiful, unwinding from the long glorius summer. Hard to believe you have all that beautiful green grass. I remember the days it looked like the Labrea Tar Pits!

    Of course, I have a stand like that also. Mine has my beautiful bowls on it.