Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Easy Peasy Marinara Sauce

My kitchen is being attacked by zillions of fruit flies!!  I've got a lot of produce out on the counters and the flies took that as an invitation to have at it.  Back in the day when mom had boxes of fruit waiting to be canned, she would just spray Raid all over everything and that pretty much took care of the fruit flies and us too, probably.  I'm trying out a thrown together cider vinegar trap and if it works I'll let you know.  So far they are all over the bottle but not inside drowning like they should be.

Speaking of lots of produce - I was having lunch with Miss MaggieMay the other day and she was telling me a story about an old gentleman who grows a huge vegetable garden.  He can only eat a small amount of what he grows, so he takes the rest of it to the food bank.  What a great idea!!  I'm sure that fresh produce is a real hit.  They are probably sick of cream of mushroom soup and pasta, so if you have extra - consider the food bank.

I'm having a real tomato glut so I'm going to cook up a batch of marinara sauce and freeze it.  All I do is saute onions (from the garden) and garlic in olive olive oil until soft.  Then I add chopped tomatoes (I use a combination).  I leave the skins and seeds because they don't bother me and hey!! I grew them.  I cook it down until it looks good.  After it has cooled I put it into freezer containers and thank myself in the winter. 

You could add all kinds of seasonings if you feel fancy or run it through a food mill if you want a smooth sauce but I don't bother.  I add the seasoning to whatever I'm cooking.  Who knows whether it will be Italian or Mexican night.

Here is a shot of the beautiful sunflower that I didn't plant:

The next two shots are of the dahlias in the front flower bed:

This one is dinner plate size and is so heavy it resists my efforts at trying to keep it upright.

This one is crazy prolific.  I'm told that these little babies will bloom like crazy until the first hard freeze if you keep cutting bouquets and deadheading.

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