Monday, September 2, 2013

Photo Dump 9/2

What could it be??  This guy showed up about a month ago and promptly took over the bed and a large part of the yard.  I didn't plant him so don't know what he is.  He could be a squash or a pumpkin.  He started out in the area where I planted a couple rows of late dwarf sunflowers so maybe he hitched a ride at Territorial seeds.

I went out this morning to pick some tomatoes and was pleasantly surprised with this big haul.  This is from a tomato start that I got from Red Dog Farm and it is called Glacier.  It is about Roma size and very prolific...and tasty.  I'm gonna pick up some bacon tomorrow for BLTs straight from my garden.  I've never done that because my larger tomatoes never ripen before the first frost but this year has been a banner gardening year.

I also found four cukes hidden away in the vines.  My cuke setup is not pretty but it is effective.  I grow them in a big ugly pot set in an old garden chair.  They hang out all over the place and it works like a charm.  I don't remember what these prickly guys are called but they are so sweet.  Really spoils you for super market cukes.

Is this a perfect dahlia, or what??  I have two dahlias in the veggie garden.  The other one is deep maroon with a yellow center.

I also planted five bulbs out in the flower bed that I picked up at Valley Nursery.  Only two came up.  What was with that??  I planted them at the same time in the same area using the same technique.  Next year I'm going with the Costco bulbs.

When the radishes were done I planted a pack of zinnia seeds in their place.  I've been adding these to the dahlia bouquets for added interest and beauty.  I know that these are an old fashioned granny kind of flower but Granny knew best because these are bright, beautiful and long lasting.  This group is waist high so has nice long stems.

The nasturtiums came up again this year.  They reseed themselves every year and I let 'em go.  Poppy, the five pound devil dog, is hunting frogs who hang out there.  When she shows up foaming at the mouth I know she has bit one.

You are looking at two very unhappy schnauzers who just had a bath.  I like it when they are all clean and fluffy.  Of course they always immediately go out and roll in the dirt to get the smell of Pantene off.


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  1. Great pictures! Love the Dahlias (I'm a bit partial to those). Let's see a picture of the cucumber setup, I'm curious.