Tuesday, July 31, 2012

QFC Grocery Basket 8/1

I was checking out my "This Day in History" gadget today and noticed that the cute guy playing the drums, and you know how I like cute guys who play the drums, is having a birthday today.  You would have to be my age or older to know who this group is.  If you guessed Gary Lewis & the Playboys, you would be correct.  Their big song that I remember is "This diamond ring for sale" and I had no idea that they had an accordion player or that Gary is the son of Jerry Lewis.  Who knew??

Anyway, Miss CutiePie follows a blog that she has shared with me and I thought you might want to take a look.  The post I read had to do with taking care of your produce and it is a good one.  Who knew that bananas wouldn't ripen so fast if you took them apart??  Here is the link:


I took a fast trip up to the Post Office today because Tuesday is the day the grocery flyers come out.  I get really irritated when they don't put one in my box and I have to dig through the trash by the door.  The ad for QFC starting tomorrow is kind of a yawn but there are a few worth mentioning.  I still can't believe that they aren't having gobs of sales on produce.  If not summer, then when??

Blueberries - $4.99/2lb (Good deal, Lucille.  Freeze 'em for winter smoothies)
Northwest Peaches - $ .98/lb
Kiwi - $1/3
Zucchini or yellow squash - $1.29/lb
Olate Corn - $1/3 (3 day sale, F,S, Sun)
Chobani Yogurt - $1/ea 6 oz
Almond Breeze Milk - $2.99/64oz
Kroger Medium Cheddar - $4.99/2lb (3 day sale)
Ribeye Steak - $5.99/lb
Fresh Wild Sockeye - $9.99/lb
Betty Crocker Brownie Mix - $1/ea (Listen up, Dave)

Cruise Update:

It looks like Costco is the winner!!  We are going in September 2013 and it is going to cost us a grand total of $3333.00 for the two of us, including port fees, taxes and a complimentary credit ($285) to be used on board.  We will be sailing on Holland America with a balcony room up the Inside Passage to Glacier Bay.  I'm saving for a minimum of $2000 and I currently have $878.38 in my fund, so it might just be doable.


You have until midnight tonight to get your comment(s) in for the drawing of the $30 Macy's Gift Card.  Some of you have taken my advice by leaving numerous comments.  Good thinking.  I can't wait!!  Oh, since the guy from Seattle won't be here tomorrow, I'm taking the hat over to my neighbor, Tina, and she will draw the winning name.  She doesn't know this yet, so it will be a surprise.

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  1. Lookin' good! Thanks for keeping us a part of your healthy lifestyle. @Chobani