Friday, July 6, 2012

The Annual MoneyPenny 4th of July Party

The weather god was shining on me for the party.  After just horrible weather for the week preceding, we were blessed with perfect weather - not too hot - just right for croquet.  The only problem with the game was my back yard, which is quite lumpy.  You could break your ankle if you are not careful, but it is mainly for the dogs.  Speaking of dogs, I had no idea that they left so many lawn dumplings.  I went out there and pooper scoopered them and I think I might be feeding them too much.

Croquet is so much fun!!  I want to play more of it, but not with a certain person who said he was going to kick my #$% and preceded to do it.  There he stands looking like some Amish guy with that hat.

We also had the bleachers for cheering the game on.  It was actually more like jeering.

Below is the salad table after a herd of locusts had been at it:

We also had the deserts but they were on my washer and dryer so I didn't snap a picture of my Tide and bleach.  There was also a Lemon Drop table which I wish I would have snapped, but visualize the BBQ table with a plaid tablecloth, a crystal pitcher of Lemon Drops, and a dozen dainty little martini glasses (thank you Grandma KnowItAll.)

Here is a picture of Miss MoneyPenny enjoying the rest of the Lemon Drops that evening with Miss KnowItAll, who stayed over night.  We watched a Bruce Willis movie (Surrogates) and called the kitty who had escaped and didn't come home until 3:00. 

I'm the oldest person in a neighborhood of young people, a lot of them being young men (four across the street) and they are serious about their explosions.  Having almost finished off the Lemon Drops, I could care less about the cat and the bombs, so I slept like the proverbial log, but not poor KnowItAll who had to be a work at 9:00 the next morning.

As I look at this picture, I notice that my figure is starting to look like my grandmas when I sit down.  When did this happen, anyway?  As my wise friend Miss Jeannie says, you can't win with gravity.

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