Monday, July 16, 2012

Costco Coupons 7/12 - 8/15

Now you know how Miss MoneyPenny whines and complains about not getting the Costco coupons in the mail and how she has to go begging for them, so I guess it paid off.  One morning I found the latest coupon book taped to my front door, courtesy of Miss MaggieMay.  The next afternoon I found another batch under the mat on my front porch.  I figured out that they had been dropped off by Miss KnowItAll because there was also a couple of interesting clipped articles that she thought I should read included with them.

So I best get with it and let you know about the latest Costco coupons.  The way I use their coupons is thus: I do a stockup on items that I use (not 48 cans of V-8) figuring that I won't have to buy again for the minimum of three months to a year, as in 16 bars of Dove Soap.  I also look for coupons for things that I have on my wish list, such as the Rubbermaid Food Storage Kit.  And I would be an idiot not to take advantage of their smartphone deals or the $70 off a set of tires when the need for those comes up.  You can't beat their Verizon booth, unless of course, you want to waste your Saturday at the Verizon store.

So here are the coupons that I think are the most interesting this month:

Smartphones - $300 - $60
Cal Innovations Expandable Lunch Kit - $3 (limit 10, how many kids do you have, anyway?)
Rubbermaid Premier Food Storage Kit - $6
Kirkland CoQ10 - $5 (limit 5, best around IMHO)
Kleenex - $3.75 (limit 2)
Tide - $2.50 (limit 1)
Cheerios - $4 off 2 boxes (limit 2 offers, does that mean 4 boxes?)
Dove Bar Soap - $3.50 (limit 2 - 16/bars)
Pantene Shampoo - $2 (limit 2 - 40oz)
Crest Pro-health - $4 (limit 2 - 4/tubes)

For those who don't know, these coupons are for money off the price of the item, but I know you already know that.  Just making sure that you don't get all excited thinking you are getting a gigantic box of Tide for $2.50.  That would be a real disappointment at the checkout stand.


You have until the 31st to leave a comment, or as many as you want, to be entered into the drawing for the $30 Macy's Gift Card.  So far, I have three comments, including a guy named Jeff.

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