Thursday, July 19, 2012

QFC Shopping Trip 7/19

Miss MoneyPenny is crazy about Perrier.  I know, I know, its just water with some bubbles, but you can't beat a big icy bottle on a hot day like today, for instance.  Since QFC had it on the Buy 10, Save $5 promotion and I had an ecoupon, I ended up with three bottles for $2.50.  I just finished the first one off and it really hit the spot.

Anyway, on to the shopping trip.  Between the sale, promotion and assorted coupons, I paid $37.02 for my weeks groceries for a savings of 46%.  Pretty sweet, if I don't say so myself, and I do.  I took advantage of the loss leaders and picked up the blueberries, cherries and zucchinis.  The cherries are almost over, so I got a nice sized bag of the little jewels.

As for my stock pile, I added two bottles of Pantene.  They were on the promo and I had a $3 coupon.  That brings my stock pile to five bottles which should last me at least six months.  I have long hair and wash my hair often, so I really go through it.

My weekly budget for groceries is $50 and that includes things other than food, so I try to really stretch it, as it were.  I noticed that last week, including my trip to Trader Joes, I only spent $26.57, which makes sense, as I had been spending just a hair over $50 for a few weeks.  I can't decide if this is because I'm home more and on top of things, or if it just summer and the produce is abundant.

I'm planning on cooking the salmon that is on sale this weekend, but I'm waiting to see if the guy from Seattle will spring for it.  I'll just wait him out.  He'll get hungry.

With the salmon, I'm going to dig some more potatoes and cut some chard.  Doesn't that sound wonderful?  Fresh, fresh, fresh!!

Darn!!  I was hoping that the stain that I got on my favorite pair of Ralph Lauren shorts would show up so that you could see what happens when you put on your gloves and go fight the blackberries and not change into gardening clothes.  But in my defense, I had the guy from Seattle at hand and I didn't want him to get away.  He's a city boy and thinks working outside pulling weeds is fun.  Go figure.

You are probably asking yourself what sane 63 year old woman would wear pink shorts.  Good question, but I really like them.


Time is ticking away for the drawing for the $30 Macy's gift card.  You have until the 31st to get your name in the hat, so let's have some comments.  You don't need to write a book report, just say "I want that card!" or "Hi."  Just give me a hint who you are if you go anonymous.

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