Sunday, July 27, 2014

Photo Dump 7/27

Miss MoneyPenny carries her camera everywhere especially when working outside in the garden.  I also take it to social occasions and snap pics of my friends.  I'm actually surprised that anyone wants to go anywhere with me for fear of their mug ending up on my blog.

The picture above was not taken by me as you can tell because it is not blurry.  This is my son, the plumber, and Miss PeggyRae at the wedding looking real spiffy.  And for the record, Miss PeggyRae does not have giant arms...quite slim actually.

To show you the size of this Hosta I threw my flip flop down.  Hostas love dry shade so this guy is real happy.

My other Hosta is not as big but still good sized...and blooming!!

This is my niece, Miss JessieLee, and she is being photo bombed by a deer.  She is the mother of the beautiful Miss RyaLaine and daughter to Miss SmartyPants.  She has a Master's Degree in social work and puts it to use working with homeless vets in Central Oregon.  I'm trying to get them to come up for a visit.

The 2014 begonia pot.

Dahlias in the veggie garden - surrounded by potato plants.

Blackberries are starting to get ripe.  These vines hang over my fence from the neighbor's and rather than fight them I eat them.  When they are done I clean up my side of the fence.  Sometimes I get mad and pitch them back over the fence.  One time I also pitched my expensive clippers with the vines but was too embarrassed to go ask for them back.  And they never offered.

Granny's hydrangea looking fabulous.  I love the multi-colored blooms.

This veggie bed got away from me.  I planted garlic, lettuce, carrots, dill, and green beans.  I also planted a row of cosmos, sunflowers, and zinnias.  As you can see they are gorgeous but taking over.  And the green beans are fighting for space with huge nasturtiums that I never ever planted in that bed.

My stand of Lucifer.  For a while there was one gaudy purple clematis bloom at the top.  The hummers love it and I have proof.

Look carefully at the bright flower at the top of the fence and you will see a little hummer going to town.  Him and his buddy didn't care that I was there snapping pictures.  I guess they realize that I'm the one that feeds them and even thaws out their feeders during icy times.

Last but not least - Poppy, the Boston Terror, with her lip caught up on her tooth.

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