Monday, July 14, 2014

Fun in the Dark 7/14

Now you know that Miss MoneyPenny said that when she retired she was going to the movies, read all the interesting books, garden, and hang out with her friends.  I'm here to tell you that sure has been fun.  Lately I've seen three films worth mentioning and I thought I would share.  I'm not a film critic but I like a wide variety of movies, except horror, of course, and think that I am a pretty good judge

The top picture is from the comedy Tammy which stars Melissa McCarthy and Susan Sarandon as her hard drinking grandma.  Tammy's life is a mess and she and her grandma take off on a road trip to Niagara Falls.  Because of her grandma's drinking and Tammy's strange way of dealing with life everything goes crazy along the way.  You can imagine with Kathy Bates as the lesbian aunt with a passion for blowing things up how things go.  The Bradster and I enjoyed this movie.  It hung together well and the funny parts were funny.  Melissa can get pretty gross in a lot of her movies but not this one.

The other movie that the Bradster and I saw was Jersey Boys.  This film is based on the Tony award winning Broadway musical and was directed by Clint Eastwood who is a lover of music.  This is the story of the huge 60s rock group The Four Seasons complete with great music.  These guys came from the wrong side of the track.  In fact, a couple of them were in and out of prison back in the early days.  Frankie Valli was played by John Lloyd Young and he did a bang up job.  Christopher Walken played the mob guy who smoothed the way for Frankie and his band.  Mob??  Who knew??

If you are of a certain age and I am, and you loved the music of The Four Seasons you will enjoy this film.  I knew that "Sherry" was a huge hit for them but didn't know that it was their first featuring Frankie's soprano.  I can't begin to tell you how many times I've had that song sung to me...and usually not very good.

If you can find Chef anywhere go see it.  This little pearl of a film gets the MoneyPenny award for the best film in at least five years.  When Miss KnowItAll and I went to see it we were told that people come back to see it again and again.  I can understand that.

This film is directed by Jon Favreau who usually does big blockbuster movies like the Iron Man series.  He also stars as Karl Casper, a chef in a high end restaurant.  He wants to serve a special meal to the restaurant critic who is coming that night but his boss, played by Dustin Hoffman, makes him stick to the menu.  He gets a stinker of a review and the fun begins.  He ends up loosing his job and has to reinvent himself by cleaning up an old food truck and going on the road.  He is accompanied by his old sou chef (John Leguizano) and his delightful son, Percy, played by Enjay Anthony.

You might think that this film is about food and cooking.  And it is, but it is also about love and relationships.  Karl's ex-wife is played by Sofia Vergara who is a real sexy Latin beauty who loves her son and believes in her ex-husband's talent for cooking.

The music is also wonderful in this film.  And you get to learn how to make a truly fine grilled cheese sandwich.  One of my lifetime favorite sandwiches.

I also want to mention Ray Donovan which is a Showtime series that is out on DVD.  Ray is a fixer for the rich and famous in Hollywood but he can't seem to do a thing about his big Irish family who get into every jam that you can think of.  Ray is played by Liev Schreiber and his trouble making father is played by Jon Voight who is so sleazy that he scares me.

This show kind of reminds me of the Sopranos but Ray is much more smooth than Tony and these guys are Irish not Italian.  Great entertainment!!

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