Wednesday, April 2, 2014

QFC Grocery Basket 4/2

Few things make Miss MoneyPenny happier than sitting out on the deck in the warm spring sun with the hummers dive bombing because I'm too close to their feeders.  I keep reminding the little kamikazees that I'm the one that feeds them all year round, including the freezing ass winter time when I switch out their frozen feeders for thawed ones.  Sheesh!!

I think that the only reason that my son, the plumber, didn't give me a harder time when he fixed my hose bib was because I told him that I was gonna put it up on the blog so nobody else would be so dumb.  Did I listen when my son told me to take my hoses off the outside faucet during cold spells??  Absolutely not!!  After all I had never had a problem so what did he know??  Well, it turns out that he knows more about plumbing than his mom.  What a mess!!  I'm going to have to have the boards replaced because they are all rotted from water spraying and dripping.  Dumb!!  Dumb!!  Dumb!!

So - yesterday Miss MaggieMae and I were discussing food prices which is not a new topic with us.  We were remembering when we were growing up and all the moms had a vegetable garden and did huge amounts of canning and freezing during the summer and fall because food was precious and expensive.  Then Big Food took over and we became addicted to cheap food that had been sprayed and processed and God knows what all until it became a food like product in many cases and we have seen the results of this in our health.

Because of the way that our food has been grown, raised, and invented in a test tube it is remarkably inexpensive compared to other countries who do not eat and waste like we do.  A lot of us are deciding not to eat in the old American way and are coming up against the cold hard fact that "real" food is not cheap and are having to adjust our food budget.

This is really hard on families where both parents work outside the home and there isn't time for a lot of cooking or tending a veggie garden.  I remember those days where everybody was starved when I got home from work and was expected to put dinner on the table - and I did, somehow.  Although, I do remember when my favorite ex-husband couldn't wait so he would just pull out a mixing bowl and dump a box of cereal in and call it his dinner.

Miss MoneyPenny scours the QFC ad each week in search of "real" food so that we can get the most from our hard earned money.  This means that we are gonna eat seasonally which is the least expensive way to eat and delicious, too.

Here are the highlights this week:

Peet's Coffee - $6.99/12oz
Challenge Butter - $2.50/lb
Kroger Sour Cream - 3 for $4/16oz
Kroger Frozen Vegetables - $1/10-12oz
Boneless Pork Loin Chops - BOGO
Boneless Chuck Roast - BOGO
Fresh Dover Sole - $6.99/lb
Asparagus - $1.88/lb
Driscoll's Strawberries - $2/lb
Green Beans - $1.99/lb
Leaf, Romaine, Boston Lettuce - $1.25/ea
Red or Yukon Gold Potatoes - $ .99/lb
Tomatoes on the Vine - $ .99lb
Angel Soft Bath Tissue - $1/ea
Colgate Toothpaste - $1/ea

Poppy, the Boston Terror, and her mortal enemy, the cat, enjoying a patch of sun.  Everybody loves the sun.

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