Wednesday, March 26, 2014

QFC Grocery Basket 3/26

As usual, I apologize for my poor photography this morning but it was raining and I didn't have my glasses on.  What you have before you is the very best that my forsythia has been able to provide in the ten years or so since Miss Judith gave me a start.  She was surprised when I told her this at a party this weekend but it is true.  I have done such a good job pruning it that it never really bloomed.  Last year I left the darned thing alone which must be the secret.  I will be inviting Miss Judith over to show me how to properly prune this thing.

Check out the little bunch of tulips coming up on the right.  This is one of Miss MaggieMae's little gift pots that I mentioned in an earlier post.  I have them all over the flower beds.

Have you become a mouth-breather??  I sure have.  Man, the pollen is bad this year.  I probably say that every year.  It takes me a while before I realize that the reason that I can't breathe and am coughing my fool head off, plus, a little dizzy that I'm being attacked by allergies.  And when I go out to start my car and it is covered in yellow stuff and I have to use the little dogs (that is what my dad called them) and my windshield wipers to clear the windshield, I know for sure.

Anyway, if you are thinking of taking allergy medication, check Costco first.  Not only do they carry all name brand allergy meds, they have the generics.  This can save you some serious money, so I highly recommend taking a look.  The pharmacists are very friendly and helpful if you don't know which one is which.

Okay, let's take a look at the ad for this week.  Even though the weather is pretty crappy today we have had enough beautiful spring days that I notice that there is a change in what I want to eat.  I'm done with stews and I'm craving salads, salmon and halibut, strawberries, artichokes, and asparagus.  Funny how a little sunshine can make us feel lighter and more energetic.

These are the highlights this week for our search for real food:

Draper Valley Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts - BOGO
Anjou or Bosc Pears - $ .99/lb
Jumbo Artichokes - $2.50/ea
Large Navel Oranges - $ .99/lb
Medium Hass Avocados - $ .99/ea
Red, Green or Seedless Grapes - $2.89/lb
Driscoll's Strawberries - $2/lb
Fage Greek Yogurt - $1/7oz
Tillamook Ice Cream - 3 for $10/56oz

 Have you noticed how the gallons, quarts, and pints of things that we buy have changed but the prices sure haven't gone down??  Take for instance this week's "gallon of ice cream" at 56 ounces instead of the old 64.  In my book that is a half pound (8oz) less product.  And it doesn't stop there - a "quart" of Best Foods is now 30 ounces and a "pint" of tomatoes is 14.5 ounces.  I'm trying to decide if Big Food thinks I'm stupid.  Maybe I should be insulted now that I think about it.

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