Sunday, March 16, 2014

Things That I Only Buy at Costco

I found these bright little pansies up in the garden section of Hadlock Building Supply the other day and finally got them in the pot.  My photography doesn't do them justice but they are neon orange and neon purple.  This should brighten up the neighborhood once they get going.  Sometimes I think that I must have come from the gypsies with all my wild color combinations and love of dangley jewelery.

Now you know that Miss MoneyPenny loves Costco.  Over the years I've gone on and on about what careful shopping at Costco can do to help the budget.  I know this to be true from my own experience but "careful shopping" are the key words here.  Without a plan and a list you could shoot big holes in your budget and I used to do just that.  Now I shop with a list, coupons on my smartphone, and a set budget for that trip.

This list is just part of what I only buy at Costco but I didn't want to go all crazy on you, so these are the biggies.

1.  Tires (with the coupon)
2.  Smartphone (with the coupon)
3.  Sheets - regular and flannel
4.  Purrfect Cat Litter (screaming deal but 35 pounds)
5.  Kirkland Signature Dog & Cat Food
6.  Friskies Canned Cat Food
7.  Olive Oil
8.  Nuts
9.  Oatmeal
10.  Kirkland Signature Generic Allergy Meds
11.  Cetaphil Products
12.  Toothpaste
13.  Tuna
14.  Toilet Paper
15.  Bleach
16.  Brita Filters
17.  Sonicare Brushes
18.  Gain or Tide
19.  Eye Drops
20.  Kirkland Body Wash

This list is forever growing and evolving depending on what works in my household of one human.  I have a real hard time trying to get through the produce on my own before it goes to the dark side but sometimes will split with Miss MaggieMae. I usually pick up the 64oz size of Coffee Mate and a rotisserie chicken if I don't have any cooked at home.


DogFoodAdvisor gave Kirkland Signature dry dog food four out of five stars.  I feed my doggers the salmon and sweet potato blend and there has been no throwing up or diarrhea and their coats are beautiful - especially Poppy.  That little Boston "Terror" just glows because her coat is so shiny.

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