Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fast Cars & Bald Men

I'm so happy that I've been blessed with an 18 year old grandson because he is happy to go see the type of movies that I truly love but my friends wouldn't be caught dead in.  This weekend we went to see Vin Diesel in Fast & Furious 6 and we were not disappointed.  Lots of fast cars and racing and men on steroids.  What's not to love??

Also, the Bradster and I met up with the KnowItAlls on Saturday for lunch at the Indian restaurant.  We were worried that the food would not be as good because the couple who owned the restaurant got a divorce and left town.  But guess what??  It was better!!  Does that ever happen??

We then sidled over to The Rose and got our 3D glasses so we could watch the new Star Trek movie.  I'm sure we were a vision - four 60 year old people, complete with 3D glasses (two of us had them over our regular glasses so we could see) in the balcony, thrilled with the movie.  Who knew that the hokey show that we watched in the 60s would still be so popular??  The line about Spock's bangs is priceless.

Switching gears to the garden.  I got real reckless and planted my tomatoes.  I noticed that the second planting of green beans is breaking ground so I thought it might be safe.  Our weather has been rainy and cloudy with sun breaks, but mild.  I think that this is better than warm days and cold nights for growing veggies.  Those cold nights shock the shit life out of tender plants and they have a hard time recovering even on warm days.

This year I'm growing the usual Sun Gold cherry tomatoes because you can't beat them, and one called Siletz, which is new to me.  The other new one is called Glacier.  According to Red Dog Farm, this one did very well even in that nasty summer of 2010.  I'd pretty much given up on growing big tomatoes because my season isn't long enough, but I'm gonna give it another try.

You may be wondering why I've taken a picture of a day lilly.  If you look close, you can see that is about to burst into bloom.  Isn't it early??  The trick with day lillies is deadhead, deadhead, every day and they bloom forever.

This is a shot of the dry shade garden bed.  The astilbes are starting to take off and bloom their lovely feathery flowers.  It is hard to believe that this entire bed dies down to the ground every winter.  Below is a shot of the big hosta by the back gate.  I put my slipper there so you can see how big this guy is.

Is Don Juan the most beautiful rose, or what??  And he smells wonderful.  But!! he catches everything and hates the rain.  I've been diligent with him this year and even handpick aphids.  Ick!!  He got real leggy this year and is now taller than the house.  Next February I'm taking him down to about two feet and see how that works.

I'm going down to Weight Watchers on Saturday and throwing my myself on the scales.  I gained six pounds in January when my back went out and haven't been able to lose a pound.  It feels like 60 pounds because it has made my clothes uncomfortable and I refuse to buy new ones.  I can't believe that I'm 64 years old and still dealing with weight.

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  1. Thanks for all the beautiful pictures of your flowers!