Sunday, June 8, 2014

Photo Dump 6/8

Just in case you thought Miss MoneyPenny was sittin' around eating bonbons and reading novels - here is proof that she actually does put her book down long enough to do something useful.  The picture above is my salad garden.  As soon as I pick a head of lettuce a couple of seeds along with some compost is dropped into the vacated space to keep my salad bowl going.

And speaking of my salad bowl...

This bed holds potatoes, tomatoes, onions, beets, lettuce, cilantro, dill, chives, and, of course, dahlias.

My planting of green beans after Poppy, the Boston Terror, jumped the fence to see what I had planted.  I'm used to this and replanted the empty spots.

Who cares about boiled eggs??  Well, my guyfriend Steve makes these yummy pickled eggs and they are to die for.

And speaking of Mr BlueEyes.  I just can't resist a tall and charming man.

And speaking of tall and charming...that is what this handsome young man is going to be when he grows up.  Courtesy of the CutiePies.

This is the Jeff Lucia rose after it broke through its restraints.  The story is that Mr Jeff found this rose when he was foraging for mushrooms at an old homestead site and brought a piece of it home and his wife was kind enough to share.  I actually have quite a few things from their garden growing in mine.

This is the perfect rose.  And the smell takes me back to my Grandma Redmond's front porch which was covered in roses that smelled wonderful.  Just like this one.

My Thursday ladies who lunch with me.  Miss Jenny and Miss KnowItAll.

Going to have a good crop of blueberries this long as the little shits, I mean the charming boys next door don't raid them again like they did last year.

And speaking of next door...I don't know what it is about this rental but everyone of the last five renters thinks that it is okay to throw their old mattresses outside and leave them there.  These have been there since February.

My great-granddaughter doing some cooking and tasting out in the yard.

If you think that life isn't worth living grow yourself a strawberry patch and the world will look much better.

This is my begonia pot for this year.  Usually I do more pinky colors with lots of purple lobelia but I branched out this year with yellow, peach and a bright orange.  I planted the orange towards the back because I thought it might take over and you can see he is rising up to come splashing over the top,

I buy my garden gloves at Costco in the six-pack at about the same price I would pay for one pair somewhere else.  When they get too dirty to wear I just throw them in the laundry with the towels and dry them over a towel rack.  This time I laid them out on the hot deck and they were dry in minutes.

My girls...Miss PeggyRae and Miss Haley who is the mother of the little cutie who is doing the cooking in the sandbox above.

And the last photo is a reminder to "Prune in June" if you have any plants like this sedum who is getting ready to do the floppsies because he gets so heavy with blooms.  I just remove about a third - stem by stem.  It takes a while to do a good job and get it shaped nicely but it will reward you in the fall.  This hint from Miss PeggyRae who is an amazing gardener.  She doesn't just have a green thumb...she has the whole hand!!

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