Tuesday, February 11, 2014

That Darned Target Hack

Where were you when you saw The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show??  Miss MoneyPenny was in ninth grade and was watching the beginning of the British Invasion with my dad and boyfriend, at that time, Doug Walling.  Like all my friends I was just crazy about The Beatles and we all had our favorite.  Mine was George.  Everybody else was gaga over Paul.

CBS did a 50 year anniversary show (how could it have been 50 years??) on Sunday night and they did a good job of it.  It brought back all my Beatles memories from that time.  And watching Paul and Ringo perform?? they still got it.  Doesn't Ringo look great for 73??  And Adam Levine (Maroon Five) doing "All My Loving" was spectacular, in my opinion.

Anyway, let's talk about the Target thingy.  Miss MoneyPenny has been very unhappy at the thought that Target would be so sloppy as to let a Russian teenager hack into her account.  I understand that there are other companies that have been hacked but they are not really saying, except for Neiman Marcus and a hotel chain.

I've been diligently watching my credit and debit cards but I got irritated about the whole thing the other day, so I headed up to the credit union to talk about it with them.  They were very forthcoming about the whole thing.  In fact, all four of the ladies on duty came over to talk about it with me.

This is the deal with my financial institution, Peninsula Credit Union.  They received a list of their customers whose accounts were hacked from Target.  They then issued new cards (I'm assuming new numbers, also) and mailed them to their customers with a letter.  So if you didn't get anything in the mail from PCL then we are assuming that your account wasn't on the hack list.

I don't know what the policy is for other institutions but it would be easy enough to give them a call and find out just where you stand and what they are doing about the whole thing.  I think that is much better than sitting around worrying about it like I was.  Don't you??

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