Wednesday, February 19, 2014

QFC Grocery Basket 2/19

Check it out, kids!!  Fresh salmon!!  Yesterday I had lunch with Miss CutiePie and precious baby bump, Cooper.  I can't believe that she has two more months to go before her due date.  She is such a tiny thing that baby is taking up all her territory.

Anyway, Mr. CutiePie fished the salmon derby this last weekend and came away with a nice haul and he shared.  He's a good boy.  This is beautiful fish and as far as I'm concerned, the best way to cook it is to grill or bake it.  Fresh salmon is so good it doesn't need much seasoning.   I season it with a few chunks of butter and lemon pepper and bake it at 425, watching it carefully because it cooks rapidly.  I usually give it 15 minutes before I check, depending on the thickness.  Serve with lemon wedges.  Can't beat it.

When my favorite ex-husband was catching a lot of salmon I would roast what was left after he filleted.  You would be surprised how much was left on that carcass.  After it cooled I would pick off the meat and use it for sandwiches and salmon loaf.  The rest went right into the compost and helped make magic dirt.

Okay, let's take a look at the ad this week and see if we can find some "real food" to be had at a good price.

Here are some suggestions:

Franz Organic Bread - $2.99/loaf
Mission Burrito Tortillas - $2.50/8ct
La Victoria Salsa - $2.50/16oz
Fage Greek Yogurt - $2.50/17.6oz
QFC Large Eggs - $1.50/doz
Boneless Chuck Roast - BOGO
Anjou, Bosc, or Red Pears - $1.49/lb
Asparagus - $2.99/lb
Gala, Braeburn, or Cameo Apples - $ .99/lb
Large Navel Oranges - $ .68/lb
Red or Yukon Gold Potatoes - $ .99/lb
Yellow Onions - $ .99/lb

Info you can use:

There is always something going on in my neighborhood and some of it is not good.   For the last year and a half we have been besieged by crazy tweakers running their ATVs all night.  They sleep during the day, it seems.  These quads do not have mufflers and they delight in revving them.  They usually start out on Friday nights but sometimes Saturday and Sunday nights, also.  And they go until midnight or 2am, no matter the weather.  It can be snowing, blowing, raining, or freezing ass cold but they are still out there.  I couldn't believe it when it was 12 degrees one night.

Anyway, for the first time in my life, I called the Sheriff's office but nobody was there at 11:30 and I did not want to call 911, so I laid there and fumed.  So today I called the office and they connected me with a deputy who told me what to do in the middle of the night:

In Jefferson County (Washington) call 360-385-3831 ex 514 and that will get you the dispatcher who will contact a deputy.  The deputy that I talked to said that they will then deal with it and that there is no need for me to shoot those creeps.

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