Wednesday, February 12, 2014

QFC Grocery Basket 2/12

Miss MoneyPenny really enjoys the Olympics especially the figure skating.  What's not to love about buff men in tights??  Nothing, I tell you.  I find it amazing that these guys can be skating along and then fling themselves up in the air and spin four times!! before touching back down as if it were a walk in the park.  I can't imagine jumping up and spinning once, let alone, four times.

Okay, Miss MoneyPenny, you old cougar, pull yourself away from the beautiful young men and concentrate on the QFC ad.  Now is the time to stock up on whole chickens as they are going for $ .99 per pound this week.  I remember back in the 70s when my mom told me that if I could find chickens for $ .63 a pound, or under, stock up.  Those were the days.

I wrote a post the other day about how I use a whole chicken and you can look at it here.  I want to add that I ended up with two quarts of rich chicken broth after I slow cooked the carcass for eight hours.

Here are my suggestions this week:

QFC Butter - $1.99/lb
Draper Valley Whole Chicken - $ .99/lb
USDA Choice Boneless New York Strip Steaks - $5.99/lb
Fresh Dover Sole - $5.99/lb
Blueberries - $4.99/18oz
Broccoli/Cauliflower - $ .99/lb
Colored Bell Peppers - $1.50/ea
English Cucumbers - $1.50/ea
Kale, Chard, Collards, Mustard Greens - $2/bunch
Large Minneolas or Cara Cara Navels - $ .99/lb


If you have a pet that takes medication be sure and check your local pharmacy for a better price.  I was paying $41.70 a month for Pici's heart meds at the vet.  I checked with my local pharmacy and now pay $14.95 for the very same medicine which is way less than half.  To get this going I called my vet's office and asked them to fax a prescription and they were happy to do so.

Also, if you feed the birds, check out the wild bird food from Costco.  I think that it is the best quality with no weird ingredients.  Just sunflower seeds, peanuts, and millet.  I need to warn you that it comes in a 40 pound box!! but will only set you back about $27 which is a screaming good deal.

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