Sunday, October 23, 2011

Grocery Basket 10/23/11

Miss MoneyPenny's friend from Seattle came over this weekend and there was great panic because this guy is a serious clean eater.  As in organic, so we headed for the food co-op.  I was really glad he was buying because the chicken that we bought was $15!!  I usually stock up when the price hits 69 cents a pound from the super market, so I really experienced sticker shock.

We took that chicken home and roasted it up with some carrots and potatoes.  It was delicious!  It really did taste better than the chicken that I usually eat.  Maybe the Michael Pollan types are on to something.  But I ain't gonna pay $15 for a chicken, unless it comes with a complimentary bar of good chocolate.  So check this out...QFC has this exact Ranger Free Range Chicken on sale for $1.59 a pound this week.  My calculations indicate that this chicken would be around $5 to $6.  Quite a savings, don't you agree? 

Speaking of QFC, here are the deals that I'm looking at this week:

New crop Fuji's - $1/lb
Haas avocados - $1/each
Broc/Cauli - $1/lb
Tomatoes on the vine - $1/lb
QFC butter - 2/$5
Ranger Free Ranger chicken (whole) - $1.59/lb
Tillamook cheese - $3.99/lb
Millstone coffee - $6.99/12 oz bag - $2 coupon =$4.99 (RP/10/23)

I figure that this basket of groceries will be about $30, unless I buy extra chicken for the freezer.  I did hit up Costco for bananas and butter lettuce this weekend.  I also have Dave's Killer Bread and Dianna's beautiful home grown chicken eggs, so I am set. 

I am curious as to what your grocery basket looks like, so leave a comment.  Although -- I tried to comment on a comment on MY OWN blog and it would not let me.  Go figure.

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  1. I have decided to comment immediately so that I don't forget.... age thing... Now.. where was I? Oh yeah! Comments!

    Last week I followed MMP's advice and went into the site and loaded manufacturer's coupons onto my card. It really was easy and didn't take much time. I saved $3.50 on top of the other weekly ads. Also, safeway has deals on their own products. I loaded on .99 frozen vegies on my card and wondered how that would work. The frozen vegies (I like to keep them on hand for quick vegies for the kids and soups when I don't have time to cut and chop) were on sale for 1.29 a bag and I saved another .30 at checkout. Very cool and easy! I NEED easy!

    I think your ideas about free range chickens and organic fruits and vegies are important. Time to be serious about what goes into our bodies... It's the only one we have...