Sunday, October 16, 2011

Grocery Basket 10/16

As you know, Miss MoneyPenny is concerned about high food prices.  If we are not careful our groceries can really take a big bite out of our budget these days.  I budget $50 a week for me and the critters and I refuse to give in.  Granted, I had a summer garden and I am pretty much a non meat eater, but quality food costs money.  The sad thing is that most, not all, but most of the coupons are for junk food, so you really have to sort through them to find the good ones.  I have mentioned Coupon Mom at before as a great place to not only find coupons, but she lists the grocery deals.  All for free!!  Can't beat that.

For some strange reason I am not getting to my grocery shopping until Mondays after work lately.  In case you didn't know, that is a terrible time to shop, but a good time to get fresh produce and fish.  Monday is when all the fresh stuff comes in, so if you want fresh, go shopping on Monday afternoon.  Not in the morning because it is not all displayed yet and you will just get the wilty, stinky stuff leftover from the weekend.  Be forewarned -- the place is a zoo.

This is what I'm putting in my grocery basket this week from QFC:

Red grapes - .99/lb
Asparagus - 1.99/lb
Seedless cukes - 4/$5
Salmon - 9.99/lb
Pantene - 3.49/ea + .50 ecoupon + 2/$3 coupon ( RP/9/25) = one free

I did hit up Costco before Weight Watchers this weekend for a few things that they had coupons for.  Now I'm just trying to figure out where to store 48 12 ounce cans of V-8.  I love that stuff with a couple of squirts of Rooster Sauce.

My garden is pretty much a goner after a couple of light freezes.  I did pick a colander full of Sun Gold tomatoes and there are more coming on, but it is getting close to the time for the garden to go to bed for the winter.  Miss MoneyPenny is not one of those crazy gardeners who think it is fun to dig the carrots out of the snow.  And speaking of crazy gardeners, my sister, Miss SmartyPants, actually has a head lamp that she wears to continue working outside after dark.  But she really makes stunning gardens.


  1. " I did pick a colander full of Sun Gold tomatoes and there are more coming on..."

    Careful, now. Somebody might call you a colander girl, or even a colander gril.

  2. HEY! Head lamps are the coolest things ever invented! I discovered them years ago when I took up backpacking. I even have a hat that has a light in the brim! I wore it for a joke one backpacking trip and loved the hat so much that I use it all the time now. These days I am more careful of what I'm doing at dark with my head lamp on. One night I decided to fertilize the lawn in the dark (I was leaving the next day and wouldn't be back for a week, so the time was now). Grabbed the hand spreader and my head lamp. Done. Off to bed (after a shower. You have to get any icky stuff off). Call from my daughter the next afternoon "Mom, did you fertilize the lawn in the dark again with the head lamp?" Seems that I didn't notice that a large amount of fertilizer dropped in one spot about the size of my tv..... Took most of the summer for that dead spot of grass to recover... :-)

    I picked a small bucket of tomatoes out of the Coquille garden last weekend. Romas do ok here on the coast even if you don't plant until the middle of July. Had the bucket in the kitchen and heard this comment..."ICK!! Granny!!! Is that a snail on the tomatoes?" Next time I'll try to remember to hose off the vegies before they come into the house.. :-)

    Hmmmm.. Always thought that was "Calendar Girl". Oh well, I'm not the one that knows the music....