Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Book Shelf

Now, you remember back in August when Miss MoneyPenny was harping on about what an excellent book Doc by Mary Doria Russell was.  Well, it seems that the Pulitzer people agree with me, although they never called me up or anything to make sure I was on board before nominating it.  I'm sure it was just an oversight.

Last night, Ms Russell was our guest for the Huntingford Lecture.  The Library does this lecture every year in honor of Sally Huntingford, a teacher, who decided that our community needed a library, way back when.  We always have great speakers, including Sherman Alexie and Nancy Pearl.  And it is always very well attended.  In fact, we have moved it from our large meeting room to the school auditorium to accommodate all of the attendees.

It was fascinating to hear how the book Doc came to be.  She said she had 24 linear feet of research materials and even learned how to play the piano because Doc was an accomplished pianist, and that was an important part of who he was.  Ms Russell is a very educated lady, with degrees up the ying yang in many different fields, but I could have sat down with her and had a beer.  She is just that down-to-earth and funny, to boot.

You know that Miss MoneyPenny is not a reader of westerns, but I sure am looking forward to her new book based on the doin's at the OK Corral.  Sometimes it is good to leave our comfort zone and see what else is out there besides mysteries.  Mr SuperGenius even has me reading a space war book and I'm loving it.  I had to read it because he stayed up all night reading a book I recommended to him.  See how this works?  Reading is a wonderful thing.

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